Advertising Metrics Need Governance, ANA Says

Bob Liodice, via Ad Age

Bob Liodice, via Ad Age

Advertisers, losing patience with what they perceive as unreliable performance tracking, are clamoring for more oversight and authority.

The Association of National Advertisers is using its Advertising Financial Management Conference to advocate for industry reforms, according to Ad Age.

“We do not have a very good handle on the performance of our media measurements. That digital, which we thought was going to be the most-measurable medium, is so far off the track, it says a lot,” ANA CEO Bob Liodice told Ad Age. “This is not to sound arrogant, but we’re spending the money. And we need to make sure we have a reliable and capable set of metrics.”

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The ANA, the American Association of Advertising Agencies, the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the Media Rating Council, and the Advertising Research Foundation are consolidating efforts to bring about the “Measurement Mandate,” an extension of the Making Measurement Make Sense initiative, Jack Neff reports.

One obstacle is marketers’ reluctance to pay a premium for better analytics, but Liodice is encouraged by the groups’ progress.

To read more about the ANA’s call for a governing authority on ad metrics, visit Ad Age.



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