Atlantic Media Strategies Example of Publishers Branching Out

via Digiday

via Digiday

Publishers are diversifying their offerings – including licensing proprietary tech, sharing best practices and models with brands, and consulting on media operations – to both expand their own reach and offset any shortfalls in ad revenues, Digiday reports.

Atlantic Media Strategies, for instance, is working with the Heritage Foundation on the latter’s news site, The Daily Signal, while Forbes and Say Media are selling their respective CMSs, Falcon and Tempest. Meredith, for its part, long ago pioneered the concept of publisher as marketing agency.

“Publishers are trying to make themselves into marketing-solutions companies that allow them to compete for more ad dollars,” media investment firm DeSilva + Phillips’ Jeffrey L. Dearth told Digiday. ”The best way to get those dollars is to have other functionality from other channels and businesses.”

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