Creative Content Marketing Using Twitter

Learn how to use Twitter to sell your Books and eBooks

Traditional publishers are distributing their content and brand via Twitter with both a hands-off RSS approach and a hands-on personal approach. How? It could be from contests, quotes, or reviews. We’ve seen people doing some creative content marketing with Twitter.

Here are five examples to help create buzz around your books and ebooks:

Content Marketing Tip #1. Offer signed copies and try to make it viral.

Launch a social media campaign to sell your new book. One author offered “free signed copies” of his book to the first 500 people to order the book online and send him their receipt. It’s a free extra copy, but yes you have to buy it first.

Content Marketing Tip #2. Respond to people who talk about your book.

In fact, consider them testimonials and re-tweet them. @WarrenWhitlock, popular author of Twitter books, often re-tweets nice things said about anything he’s done, including his blogs and books. @Tim_Ash and @JoelComm are other examples of this.

Content Marketing Tip #3. Offer a copy of your book to bloggers on Twitter who are in your niche.

Tim Ash (aka @tim_ash), author of Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions is a great example of someone who contacted us when we tweeted that we were looking for Landing Page books to review in a new series, and sent it to us for review on our blog. Thanks again Tim 😉

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Content Marketing Tip #4. Quote yourself.

Too self-indulgent? Not really, all a tweet is is a quote from you, right? John Kremer (aka @JohnKremer), author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books frequently quotes himself (and others).

Tip: We do recommend making it a quote from the book, and then linking to the book itself.

Content Marketing Tip #5. Give away a free chapter.

@DHampson is a marketer at PeachPit Press, who sent out a tweet about a free chapter for one of their books (by @NoeFresh). Then, all of his PeachPit friends re-tweeted the message to all of their followers.

One last Twitter tip to get the ball rolling, don’t forget to ask for your tweet to be retweeted.

How do you promote your book on Twitter? Share below please.


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