Cross-Device Retargeting Important for Success

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Among Bhumika Dadbhawala’s three tips for effective cross-device – or, as Mequoda Members know it, multiplatform – publishing is the ability to retarget for advertisers and leverage data to add more value to your content.

“The most important value-add of cross-device data is that it enables publishers to participate in audience extension. Whether using first-party audience segments, advertisers’ audience segments, or third-party DMP audience segments, the ability to leverage audience data to reach desktop users on their mobile devices makes any publisher a valued partner for advertisers. … [T]hey can offer their advertisers even deeper features, such as cross-device frequency capping, storyboarding, and sequential messaging,” Dadbhawala writes in a recent column for MediaPost’s Online Publishing Insider.

“Ultimately, the sophisticated use of cross-device audience data leads to more value for everyone involved. Publishers can command higher prices because their inventory is more valuable, advertisers can run more effective campaigns, and users are provided with more relevant messaging.”

Dadbhawala’s other advice? Know your challenges, which she lists as defining your audience, helping your sales team establish relationships with advertisers, and producing enough content to keep mobile readers and marketers happy. To meet those challenges, publishers must partner with the right technology companies to manage data, match devices, and personalize reader experience.

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