Details Mag Reveals New Display Ad Network

via Ad Week

via Ad Week

Ad Week reports that Details has created Condé Nast’s first “male-targeted digital display ad network.” The magazine hired platform Style Coalition to administer the service for bloggers.

“This allows us to evolve a platform that readers and advertisers have really responded to, plus it gives us a stronger relationship with our bloggers because we’re putting money in their pockets with every impression they get,” Details‘ Doak Sergent tells Ad Week.

“As much as native is sexier and certainly what we spend a whole heck of a lot of our time working on, the majority of the media buy is still going into display. Also, you have to promote that branded content, and we’re using display to do it.”

Details‘ third-quarter digital ad revenue is up 190% year over year, Emma Bazilian writes, adding that the magazine is still searching for a new publisher after the departure of Kevin Martinez.

To read more about the new Details mag display ad network, visit Ad Week.

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