Editorial Management Guidelines: Where Does the Content Originate?

How does a Mequoda System Publisher reach the goal of 1,000 blog posts in a less than 16 months?

When writing editorial content for a Mequoda Online Publishing & Marketing System, you must keep in mind the upstream and downstream products. Every time Mequoda System journalists write a special report, they must remember that the content will be disaggregated into numerous blog posts and email tips.

Mequoda Daily is a best practice example of how a Mequoda System Publisher creates editorial content to recycle, repurpose, and reuse.

The content that typically goes into our email newsletters, email promotions and special reports generally is derived from our premium or paid products — primarily, webinars, seminars and Mequoda Pro.

Additionally, each blog post will be released in the Mequoda Daily email newsletter separately. That means if you are sending five emails each week, whether tips, product reviews or promotions, you also are creating 260 blog posts annually.


Each new free report comprises an average of 10 tips, which can be disaggregated into 10 individual blogs posts, for a total of another 260 blog posts.

So, recycled email and free special reports can account for a total of 520 blogs posts annually. This post you are reading, has been disaggregated from the special report titled Editorial Management Guidelines.

Next, you can conduct an outreach program by recommending and linking to other publisher’s blog posts. These can be brief, 150-250 word posts.

You might encourage links back by writing to your professional colleagues to inform them of your blog post and link and asking for a link back. With five recommendations per week, you will generate another 260 blogs posts annually, for a new total of 780 annual posts.

Following these editorial management guidelines, you can achieve the objective of 1,000 blog posts in less than 16 months.


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