Google AdSense Tips, All in One Place

All our Google Adsense tips, packaged in a new FREE white paper: Web Advertising Tips for Google Adsense

We put together a nice little 14 page white paper today that includes a bunch of Google Adsense articles, tips and best practices from the Mequoda Daily blog.

Here are a few bits of repurposed content from the white paper Web Advertising Tips for Google Adsense that we packaged together for you so that you can download it to your computer or print it out to keep at your desk.

Is Google AdSense right for you?

Size, in terms of traffic or the number of site pages, doesn’t really matter as to whether a publisher can, or should, become a Google AdSense partner. Quality content is the defining feature. In fact, the program is a great opportunity for publishers with quality content, but limited or light traffic and/or few site pages. In this tip we give you a brief overview of the Google Adsense program and how it’s useful for publishers.

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How to Get Banned by Google AdSense

If you are a publisher using Google AdSense, you may or may not know how easy it is to tick off the Google Gods. We’d all like to think we’re honest business people, and we’d never click on our own ads, but you might be unaware of some of the lesser known rules laid out by Google. In this tip we showed you the best ways to get your Google AdSense account suspended.

Google AdSense Design Tips

According to Google, certain locations on your website tend to be more successful than others. In this tip we went over the different “heat maps” that Google uses to show Adsense publishers where the best ad-slots are on any given page.

With these tips (and a bit more), we put together a new white paper called Web Advertising Tips for Google Adsense. Download it today, it’s free!

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