Hearst Diversifies For Success

via Hearst

via Hearst

There is a lot of interest surrounding Hearst. Beyond the magazine brands we all recognize so well from the corporation (like Cosmopolitan), there are many other entities that make Hearst special. Some look at its presence in television to see this, while others look towards health care and financial services.

Even in a time of difficulty for many print publishers, Hearst is expecting to see profits rise this year. According to Crain’s New York Business, “Hearst Magazines has also drawn notice for successful launches like Food Network Magazine, in partnership with the Scripps cable channel, and in 2011 became the top international player with its purchase of nearly 100 titles from Lagardère.”

Beyond the print side of publishing, Hearst has gone straight into the realm of digital publishing. Crain’s states, “Hearst has also made a bold gamble on tablet editions that emphasize paid subscriptions over print and digital bundles, and has rolled out integrated marketing and e-commerce businesses.”

Read more about Hearst’s impressive business at Crain’s New York Business. 



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