Learn to Manage Your Content Marketing Success by Exception

The Mequoda Key Metrics Dashboard will help you manage content marketing efforts

What criteria are you using to determine if your content marketing efforts are successful?

Many online publishers are having difficulties adopting a content marketing strategy, let alone measuring its success.

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, we discussed seven suggestions for content marketing that can be used by any online-based business. All seven suggestions can be utilized throughout the various principles of a content marketing strategy.

After using these suggestions and engaging in content marketing, it’s important to decipher the success of your campaigns.

Content in and of itself is very subjective. One person might love an article you create while others think it’s the worst thing you’ve ever written. As online publishers we are all in the business of creating content to drive our businesses – so how can you determine if your content, which is subjective, is producing positive results?

Thankfully the Internet allows even the most subjective of topics to be measured in an objective fashion. We are able to understand the overall health of online businesses by measuring what can manage be managed. Doing so will alert you when problems or opportunities arise.

To properly track your operating statistics, begin by utilizing the Mequoda Key Metrics Dashboard.

Doing all of this – measuring what you can manage and tracking the health of your company with key metrics – is the content marketing principle of Managing by Exception.

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The Mequoda Key Metrics Dashboard

Our key metrics dashboard is an Excel sheet used by Mequoda System operators to make decisions by regularly reviewing a standard set of metrics while managing by exception.

Why you should be using the Mequoda Key Metrics Dashboard to manage by exception

Do you know how much traffic your website is experiencing? What about the average amount of money each email subscriber is spending? How well do you retain email subscribers?

We developed the Mequoda Key Metrics Dashboard to track these statistics.

The components of the Mequoda Key Metrics Dashboard include:

  1. Google Visibility Report: This report shows how visible your keywords are in Google. To get this number, take estimated search impressions for a keyword and divide it by total searches for that keyword.
  2. Email Opt-Out Rate: For a specific time period, take your email opt-outs and divide it by your average number of subscribers.
  3. Unique Conversion Rate: For a specific time period, take the number of email adds and divide it by the number of total unique visitors your site received.
  4. Revenue per M (RPM) impressions: For a specific time period, take your total website revenue and divide it by the number of unique visitors you experienced.
  5. Revenue per M (RPM) emails sent: For a specific email campaign, take the total revenue generated through email and divide by the total number of emails sent.

For more information on how to manage by exception, join us for Content Marketing Made Simple on March 22nd.


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