Mequoda Pro Charter Offer – Get Trained for 12 Months

“Fifteen years into the online revolution, and the online publishing gold rush is just now starting to get really interesting.”

With the right tools for analyzing new markets, and the skills to use them wisely, the future is bright for smart online publishers and marketers.

Don’t let anyone tell you the online publishing revolution has peaked. The fact is, it has barely gotten started.

We’ve worked for nearly 15 years to develop and refine a systematic online marketing system. It’s called the Mequoda System and we know it works, as we have proven—over and over again—with each new Mequoda website and email newsletter launch.

And here’s the very good news: Where there is little or no competition, your Mequoda System website can be the market leader very quickly. In fact, most online markets are under-developed and ripe for future profits.

Today, online marketing is no longer about guessing and pioneering. It’s no longer a matter of massive innovation and figuring out how to engineer online publishing businesses. That part of the evolution has happened.

Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right things.

— Peter Drucker

Online publishing is now in the roll-out phase. The processes have been defined and codified. Now it’s time to bring in the process engineers for scaling and rolling out the Mequoda System on a large scale.

For the majority of Mequoda System online publishers and marketers, the biggest issue today is execution. It won’t be the editorial and information technology professionals who carry the business to the next plateau. It will be the circulation pros who know how to execute the Mequoda System with precision (and without distraction from editorial and I.T. professionals).

Online direct marketing research—the responsibility of born-again circulation pros—is now the fundamental skill required for online publishing success.

You could spend 100 hours building a Google Visibility Report, then use it to

  • build your website architecture
  • drive your email circulation-building campaign
  • decide which newsletters to publish

You could also point your Google Visibility Report at the competitive websites that were revealed in your online market audit to determine how well they succeed at getting Google to send them traffic. Plus, you can look for under-served markets and other opportunities—determining your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

More data results in better business decisions. Better data = better decisions.

The people responsible for rolling out the new breed of Mequoda System online publishing systems will be marketers who are directed by the metrics. Among their many tools:

  • Google Visibility Report, which tracks the volume and competition of each keyword phrase, and monitors the website’s rank on each.
  • Email Performance Report, for testing to maximize email revenue and profit.
  • Email Circulation Calculator, to determine how big their email subscriber file will be after five years.

These tools, along with several others, are available today—right now—to Mequoda Pro members.

12 proven strategies. 12 best practice solutions. 12 priceless software tools.

Currently, Mequoda Pro is stocked with 8 full training modules and 9 software tools. We are rapidly expanding this collection to 12 modules and models over the next several weeks.

Mequoda Pro Charter Membership entitles you to immediately download these priceless software tools that will enable you to research, build and manage your Mequoda System website and email newsletter.

Plus, you’ll have online access, over the next year, to the 12 Mequoda Pro Online Seminars to view as often as you like, 24/7/365. These seminars inform your use of the tools. Transcripts aid in understanding the details.

Additionally, the Mequoda Pro Seminar Q&A enables Mequoda Pro Charter Members to ask a question about any detail of the Mequoda System Online Publishing & Marketing System and get an answer from me and other members of the Mequoda Research Team.

Don’t let the online publishing revolution pass you by. And don’t waste any more valuable time trying to figure out the strategies and tactics that can carry you into the next phase of the process.

We’ve done that. Mequoda Pro Charter Membership is your entry point to the 12 proven strategies, 12 best practice solutions, and 12 priceless software tools.

The gold rush is underway. The next phase is up to you.

Here’s how to get started today with your Mequoda Pro Charter Membership.


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