New Digital Magazine Launched For Web First

via Spiral Earth

via Spiral Earth

The Doctrine Magazine is launching from the music website Spiral Earth. This mobile magazine was designed for phones and tablets, with a web version for desktop users.

Talking New Media is reporting on this release. “The plan is to produce the new magazine six times a year with the next issue coming in February. Both the app and the issues inside, as well as access to the website version are free of charge.”

The Doctrine shares the creative process of musicians, authors, painters, poets, and actors. It follows the creative process and provides content on music, books, poetry, and film.

Read more about this new digital magazine launch at Talking New Media.

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    Kirsty A.

    Thanks for the story. Unfortunately it contains an error. The i0S app does indeed include advertising! Probably best to check your facts first before publishing!


    Few errors there, firstly the mag was designed specifically as a mobile version that works on phone and tablet – the desktop version is there for people not using iOS, an android version will follow.

    The app will be monetized with ads.

    We are based in the UK but the magazine is be global.

    Amanda M.

    Thanks for keeping us honest. Our news snippet was a short review of the article from Talking New Media, and I see they have also updated to reflect your comments on their site as well.


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