Tablets for Publishers: The iPad’s Flipboard Creates Personal, Digital Newspapers

An app publishers can utilize

Tablets are predicted to be more popular than desktop computers and netbooks by the year 2015. That’s to say that more people will be buying tablets instead of new laptop computers. And after seeing the iPad, one can understand why.

Anyone who has used a tablet thus far can attest to the possibility of being swayed to the direction of an iPad, or possibly one of the competitors when a notable one is released. iPads are smaller and lighter yet still allow for maximum usability by letting users surf the web and view all their favorite multi-media pieces while controlling the device with the touch of their finger, much like its cousin the iPhone.

With many online publishers following the content marketing model, the iPad aligns with the strategy quite well. Publishers can still offer text-based content and freemiums while evolving to multi-media platforms, introducing audio and video into apps.

The Flipboard

Speaking of apps, the Flipboard is a brand new app that may eventually be seen as a publisher’s dream. This app is different than all the others out there because it builds a personal “newspaper” based off the content found on the user’s social media accounts.

After downloading the app and signing into your social media accounts, the Flipboard will begin collecting articles posted or tweeted by your friends, all your actual tweets, photos from Facebook and any updates from friends.


It may not sound like anything unique right now, but the feel of the device with this application makes it resemble a real newspaper. In addition, while reading articles on Flipboard you can see the tweets the article has received and retweet directly from there if you’d like. It seems like a mini community in itself.

Adding Twitter lists in Flipboard will also help in your hunt for content. If you add a list, you will immediately begin receiving news from the entire group of Twitter users on the list. Therefore, you’ll have a bigger supply of content then you will know what to do with.

The Flipboard is currently free and can be downloaded in the App Store.

And now for publishers…

The Flipboard can be an app online publishers will want to promote to their audience. It will give them multiple direct ways of communicating with their audience through this one app, in addition to any personalized app your company decides to make.

A publisher can be sending content through a branded-app, while being a part of the user’s Flipboard as well, communicating through Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, it gives online publishers more of a reason to step up their social media game in a number of ways.

For instance, more content will lead to more impressions for online publishers. Secondly, actively searching through the Twitter community and adding yourself to relative lists will end up broadening the chance to reach a bigger audience.

It seems that every few weeks some new technology is breaking out within the world of tablets. Do you know what’s needed to make a splash in this rapidly evolving market?

Join us for our iPad and iPhone Apps for Publishers webinar and see how you can be utilizing this amazing technology to grow your brand, strengthen your reputation and generate more revenue.


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