Updates in Subscription Website Products and Website Design

Some publishers are focusing on new subscription website products while others are focusing on website quality 

We’re seeing new subscription website products launch and new website launches coming to the industry.

Talking New Media is reporting on the new website launched by Surface magazine. “The new surfacemag.com reflects a completely different content strategy for the company, one that leads with digital media and includes a holistic approach with a much greater focus on video, providing access into spaces and process of world’s best designers. The design accommodates zero banner or pop-up ads that can be distracting for users. It also reflects an integration between a comprehensive back-end system and front-end development that results in a platform that’s not only beautiful, but smart. This complete integration has transformed the content management as well as the sales and accounting sides of the business.”


The article continues by discussing the goal of reprieving “clutter and clickbait” from the digital sphere. It’s clear that savvy publishers are focusing on the clarity of their websites, as well as their content structure.

Time Inc. is also walking this path, as it announced “digital desks” as part of its editorial structuring.

Folio reports on this story. “In a memo to staff provided to Folio:, chief content officer Alan Murray officially revealed today the formation of ten digital desks based on ten different topical beats. Each desk will be staffed by one of Time Inc.’s editors, who will seek to aggregate and coordinate content across multiple Time Inc. brands.”

This process has been taking place within the Time Inc. brand for some time now, but clearly the  shift is continuing. “It’s the continuation of a movement that’s been taking hold within the company for some time now, aimed at driving efficiency by maintaining separate brand identities — for instance, People, Sports Illustrated, or Entertainment Weekly — but also identifying and cross-promoting content that might be suitable for multiple audiences.”

Beyond a new website and new content structuring for some brands, another publisher is offering a new subscription website product to a niche audience.

New subscription website products by Boston Globe Media Partners

Digiday is reporting on the Boston Globe Media Partners’ Stat. “Publishers have been rolling out paywalls and membership programs in the hunt for a way to fund online journalism. The latest is Boston Globe Media Partners’ medicine and health news site, Stat, which is introducing a $299-a-year premium plan for professionals working in and around the pharma and biotech industries.”

The article continues with a look at Stats’ audience. “It’s hard to get readers to pay for general news online, but publishers have found some success with specialized content. Stat’s readership is small (Stat claims 1.5 million monthly uniques; comScore puts it at 734,000) and is hardly a household name, but its principals say they were encouraged by the positive response they’ve gotten from readers and their indication in a survey that they’d be willing to pay for content. They also see an opportunity to charge since the media market for biotech coverage isn’t as mature or saturated as, say, technology, and people will pay for information that can help them do better at their jobs.”

We’ll continue to update you on news of new subscription website products, as well as website restructures and launches.


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