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Strategy Spotlight with Don: Let’s Work Together in 2017

Mequoda has helped hundreds of media brands build vigorous, profitable, growing multiplatform publishing businesses. And we can help you. 

Every quarter, I work on a 5-year business plan with one publishing company, or association looking to expand their publishing arm.

I’m writing today to tell you that the deadline to apply for our 60-Day Subscription Business Plan Development Program for Q3 is almost here, and expires Friday, May 26.

This is not an event or a call, it’s a hands-on, one on one consultation between our team and yours to see how you can double, even triple your revenue in the next five years.

The business plan we build for you factors in your content, audience, revenue goals, technology needs and even your organizational structure. We project your business over five years, using information we gather from you combined with our proven strategy and in-depth benchmark data spanning hundreds of successful and diverse media brands.

If you want to be considered for one of the four business plans we develop every year, I urge you to apply today by scheduling a time to chat with me about your goals.

During this 60-day engagement, which kicks off with a meeting in Boston between you, your key players and Mequoda’s team leaders, we will:

  1. Inventory your existing content
  2. Research your audience
  3. Forecast your revenue mix
  4. Redefine your organization
  5. Select the technology to support your needs
  6. Identify and model the key measurements that maximize profitability
  7. Model your entire operation’s economics for the next five years

Four weeks after our meeting in Boston, we schedule a virtual meeting to present your plan. You walk away with five deliverables: the business plan, your content plan, your keyword research document, the technology plan, and your five-year financial model. You have time to digest it all with your team, provide feedback and allow for modifications.

Together we create your path to digital publishing and marketing success.

Does this sound like exactly what you need?

I urge you to schedule a time to chat with me about your goals.

To be accepted, you simply must be:

  • A legacy publisher
  • Generating at least $1m in revenue annually

Although it’s not required, it’s a bonus if you have attended one of our live Intensives or Summits in the past.

Are you ready to join the ranks of other publishers who took this first step last year, the year before, or the year before and are already reaping the rewards? Take a look at our last five business planning clients who evolved into Mequoda System launches:

As you can see, our 60-Day Subscription Business Plan Development Program works across all niches, B2B and B2C, and even non-profit organizations. It works for more than 300 subscription websites we’ve helped develop over the past two decades.

Schedule a time to chat with me about your goals.

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