7 Steps for YouTube Optimization

Optimizing YouTube video content will lead to enhanced branding and the chance to drive more website traffic

YouTube clearly doesn’t want its users bouncing from the site and going to the website of other content publishers. Digital publishers utilizing YouTube to house and share video content want to drive traffic back to their website. So how can digital publishers optimize their YouTube page for the chance at driving traffic to their website?

At last week’s Mequoda Summit West 2012 in Lakewood, CO, Raymond Horwitz of Black Belt Magazine shared some information on how he’s helped Black Belt’s YouTube channel experience significant growth.

YouTube Optimization tip #1: Compile a list of links in the right navigation of your YouTube channel. These links should point to specific areas of interest like your rapid conversion landing pages, Facebook pages and Twitter. Category pages could also be used instead of rapid conversion landing pages.

YouTube Optimization tip #2: SEO your video titles by incorporating your main keyword phrases.

YouTube Optimization tip #3: Incorporate search engine optimized content in the video’s description. This content can be repurposed from other existing content on your website, but rearrange it so there it isn’t directly cannibalized.

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YouTube Optimization tip #4: Include branding in all videos, with your website’s name in the bottom right of each video. Some of Black Belt’s videos include animation graphics that turn into a URL and remain on the screen for the duration of the video.

YouTube Optimization tip #5: Insert a hyperlinked URL at the top of video description fields. Insert other hyperlinks to specialized content throughout the description when applicable.

YouTube Optimization tip #6: Product placement can also take place in videos, with links to the store listed in the description field.

YouTube Optimization tip #7: Use brand name in tag fields so your related videos show up in post-roll suggestions.

Raymond expressed that Black Belt’s channel servers as one big commercial for their publication.

As on final tip, always include your logo and URL in video content because it servers as a watermark that stops people from trying to steal you content. It also helps viewers know who is responsible for the content if the video gets shared online.


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