Landing Page Optimization: 4 Mistakes to Avoid

Suggestions for landing page optimization that will help your landing pages perform better

Have you put enough attention into landing page optimization? If you’ve made the four mistakes listed below, then your landing pages could probably be performing better.

At the Mequoda Summit West 2011, Matt Humphrey, Chief Marketing Officer at Fortis Business Media, and Rafael Cardoso, Senior Online Marketing Manager at Business and Legal Resources presented a session on landing page testing and optimization.

The context of this session included a proven testing method for increasing website conversion rates.

If your conversion rate is low, your landing page optimization efforts may be the case, especially if your website traffic is high.

For better landing page optimization, avoid these following mistakes:

Landing page optimization mistake #1: Not testing your landing pages. Although testing is very important to the success of landing pages, many Internet marketers avoid the process. According to MarketingSherpa, only 42% of marketers have tried A/B tests, while 20.5% have performed multi-variate tests.

For marketers who have performed landing page tests, MarketingSherpa reported that 68.2% saw an increase in conversion when they made changes to their landing pages, depending on offers and search terms.

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Landing page optimization mistake #2: Not tracking your landing pages.

Tracking the data behind your landing pages will help determine what is converting the best, and what needs to be addressed. Your landing page optimization goals should focus on conversions in the following areas that are applicable to your business: purchases, trial registrations, email opt-ins and white paper downloads.

Your website’s bounce rate and time on site metric should also be considered while tracking data.

Landing page optimization mistake #3: Not knowing the value of a conversion.

Three conversions to pay attention to include:

-Lifetime value (LTV): The net value of cash flow attributed to the relationship with a customer.

-Return on ad spend (ROAS): The dollars sold divided by the dollars spent on advertisements.

-Return on investment (ROI): This is (revenue-spend) divided by spend.

Landing page optimization mistake #4: Not customizing your landing pages.

Segmenting, targeting and appropriately matching your message will help bring in different types of buyers who are in different stages of their buying process.

Landing page optimization is a necessary practice for increasing your conversion rate. Be sure to keep these common mistakes in mind next time you are optimizing your landing pages.


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