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Archive for Multiplatform Publishing Strategy

Multiplatform Publishing posts focus on the latest news and best practices in online publishing.

In this section, you’ll find a collection of Internet marketing strategy guidelines from the world’s most successful online publishing experts. You’ll also find stories on the latest news for online publishers and Internet marketers.

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How Bloomberg Digital Is Defining Itself

In its effort to establish a “Web-friendly, mainstream digital presence,” Bloomberg Media is making significant hires and building digital properties at a breakneck pace, Digiday reports.   Continue

Larger iPhone 6 Could Mean New Publisher Apps

Talking New Media examines the potential impact that a larger iPhone 6 – with displays measuring up to 5.5 inches diagonally – might have on digital publishers’ plans for native apps on smartphones, as many magazines have historically relied on replica or universal apps from the iPad and other mobile devices.   Continue

Cross-Device Retargeting Important for Success

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 11.29.02 AM

Among Bhumika Dadbhawala’s three tips for effective cross-device – or, as Mequoda Members know it, multiplatform – publishing is the ability to retarget for advertisers and leverage data to add more value to your content.   Continue

Atlantic Events a Boon for Business

Atlantic Media has seen its live events arm account for upward of 20% of its revenue. AtlanticLive started in 2006 and now produces an average of 125 gatherings annually – including the Aspen Ideas Festival – doubling its own revenue during the past four years and bringing in as much as $10 million, Digiday reports.   Continue

Cosmo Video Channel Launches

Hearst Digital Studios has unveiled its first offering: a subscription video channel through its property Cosmopolitan. CosmoBody will cost $9.95 per month, and will feature fitness and lifestyle content produced in collaboration with Mark Burnett’s Vimby Studios, Folio: reports.   Continue

AMI Advertising on Mobile to Be Handled by Amobee

American Media Inc. has tabbed agency Amobee to handle all of its mobile advertising. The partnership represents the largest publisher deal for Amobee, which succeeds Kargo as AMI’s facilitator for tablet, mobile, and app ad tech.   Continue

The New Mequoda Pyramid

The Mequoda Pyramid supports the notion that products have a natural hierarchy
Publishers implementing a vertically integrated strategy use outside media to acquire new customers, leveraging “free media” first. They use content to build a permission database. They create many products in many formats and recycle, reuse, and republish content. Finally, they are able to pull customers   Continue

Tablet Shipment to Outpace PCs in 2015

The research firm Gartner forecasts that 321 million tablets will ship in 2015, as compared to 261.7 million desk- and laptops, MediaPost reports.


Creative Careers Growing With Mobile Content

A recent study conducted by Edelman Berland for Adobe reveals that 74% of professionals are looking to mobile as the future of creativity and design.   Continue

Video Ads on Mobile Set to Double in 2014

An eMarketer study shows that mobile video ads are rising rapidly with no signs of slowing down, MediaPost reports.   Continue

M. Scott Havens: Time Inc. ‘Not a Magazine Company’

The Guardian recently ran a revealing interview with Time Inc.’s senior VP of digital in the wake of the publisher’s split from Time-Warner.   Continue

Jet Mag, Now Digital Only, Releases New App

The 63-year-old print magazine had slipped from weekly to biweekly to quasi-monthly, but will return to a weekly schedule as a digital property for the Johnson Publishing Company, Folio: reports.   Continue

120 Sports First Among New Publisher Apps at Time Inc.

Time Inc.’s digital reinvention continues with its new 120 Sports app, which was launched last week.

Talking New Media reports that the app will feature two-minute videos, and that the Chicago-based, Time Inc.-backed company has secured partnerships with MLB Advanced Media, the NHL, and others.

“Getting hold of quality sports video is an incredible, and expensive, challenge,”   Continue

Mobile: Sports Illustrated’s Next Big Game

Sports Illustrated is one of the many Time Inc. brands playing catch-up when it comes to digital, particularly mobile. But today marks the launch of its new interface, which will emphasize features for small screens.   Continue

DailyWorth Goes Native, Platform

DailyWorth, a publisher focused on finance news and advice for women, is taking the Forbes approach to content.

The newsletter started by Amanda Steinberg in 2009 and now 850,000 subscribers strong is combining native ads and a contributor-based platform model, Digiday reports.

“Under its first CEO, Patrick Williams, DailyWorth is looking for half of its revenue to come   Continue

Yahoo Magazine Will Focus on Movies

Yahoo has launched its new digital magazine covering the film industry, appropriately titled Yahoo Movies, and has stepped up its native advertising and content marketing efforts, reports.   Continue

First of Time Channels on Roku Will Be MyRecipes

Time Inc.’s bid to play catch-up in the digital realm will include its first streaming channel on Roku. The MyRecipes channel will feature 250 videos in 12 categories, according to Ad Week.   Continue

Hearst Mags to Get Digital News Desk

Hearst’s 18 glossies will work off of one centralized digital news desk, according to Digiday.   Continue

Men’s Health Digital and ForbesLife Step Up Web Presences

Women’s Wear Daily reports that two major names in magazine publishing will be devoting more resources to digital.   Continue

New Digital Art Magazines Push Tablet Platforms

Four new digital art magazines are taking tablet publishing to the next level while taking it beyond the United States and United Kingdom.   Continue

Time Inc. Spinoff Will Mean Challenges

With its split from Time Warner official as of last Friday, Time Inc. now faces an uncertain future as the largest magazine publisher on the planet, with 95 brands to nurture and grow.   Continue

Friedman: “Digital Replica Editions Aren’t Innovation”

University of Virginia professor and publishing consultant Jane Friedman recently took exception with a statement from Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni in which he said digital magazines with no print progenitor have “no monetary value.” Her disagreement with Husni makes for a fascinating piece on Bo Sacks’s website and in his companion newsletter.   Continue

Site Redesigns Steering Away From Overhauls

Publishers are ditching full-fledged redesigns in favor of periodic tweaks and phased-in changes, Digiday reports.   Continue

Playboy Digital Heading in Multiplatform Direction

Two recent hires at Playboy Enterprises Inc. herald a renewed commitment to its digital properties, as Matthew Mastrangelo joins the publisher as its first Chief Revenue Office and Cory Jones as senior vp of digital content.   Continue

Vogue Instagram a Source of Revenue

Vogue has developed a way to make some cash off of Instagram, Digiday reports.   Continue

Mobile Outlook a Hot Topic Among Publishers

Folio: recently convened a roundtable to discuss the mobile publishing market as activity skyrockets and monetization strives to keep pace.   Continue

Condé Traveler Launches New App

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 7.31.25 PM

Condé Nast Traveler has released its new app, the Gold List, which condenses the magazine’s longstanding feature of recognizing exemplary hotels, restaurants, and services into a handy mobile guide, while at the same time adding new bells and whistles.   Continue

Fortune Mag, Money Mag Launch New Sites

Time Inc.’s Fortune and Money have officially split from, and each is publishing a new website, according to TechCrunch.   Continue

Online Publishing Job Description: Ad Account Manager

The Ad Account Manager will creatively define marketing opportunities and solve marketing problems with content marketing and social media solutions for national and mega-regional advertisers. The Ad Account Manager will manage an existing account base and conduct business-building through out-bound calling, sales appointments, presentations and follow-up.   Continue

Online Publishing Job Description: Email Marketing Manager

An Email Marketing Manager is responsible for facilitating accomplishment of a company’s vision and values by maximizing the revenue resulting from opt-in email lists through optimum and sustainable promotion of products.   Continue

Online Publishing Job Description: Online Marketing Manager

The Online Marketing Manager is primarily responsible for facilitating the accomplishment of the vision and values by maximizing the size of the website email lists, utilizing SEO campaign development, registration process optimization, partnerships, contests, promotion, social media presence and list segmentation management.   Continue

Online Publishing Job Description: Systems Director

A Systems Director is responsible for monitoring a website to assure it stays online, functions without flaw and assures users a rich online experience. The Systems Director may work very closely with multiple people – designers and developers – to ensure efficiency.   Continue

Online Publishing Job Description: Marketing Director

The Online Marketing Director will lead the initiatives for the entire online marketing system. They will be primarily responsible for facilitating the implementation of the vision and values by maximizing the size of the website email lists, using SEO campaign development, registration process optimization, visitor conversion to registered members, partnerships, promotions, social media presence and list segmentation management.   Continue

Online Publishing Job Description: Ad Sales

In Ad Sales, you will sell online directory listings and advertising for a xxxxxxx circulation magazine and its digital and social channels/properties. A person in this position creatively defines marketing opportunities and solves marketing problems with content marketing and social media solutions for national and mega-regional advertisers. The ad salesperson will manage an existing account base and conduct business-building through out-bound calling, sales appointments, presentations and follow-up. Some travel required.   Continue

Esquire Mag Secrets to Digital Success

Esquire, just as it preaches when it comes to style, keeps it simple in its multiplatform approach.   Continue

Glamour Mag Focusing on Mobile

Glamour Magazine is crunching numbers to create a better mobile experience, according to Digiday.   Continue

Leaked NYT Digital Memo a Watershed Moment for Publishing

The 90-plus-page document is substantive, to say the least. It’s the product of a six-month study on the part of a handpicked team tasked with navigating the Times’ digital future and providing suggested best practices to build upon its success. It also scrutinizes the paper’s current multiplatform approach, finding some complacency and significant managerial resistance to change.   Continue

Audra Martin on the Modernization of The Economist Online

In the weeks leading up to its Publishing Summit Europe, Digiday interviewed Audra Martin, vice president of advertising at The Economist Group in London, to learn more about the staunch legacy magazine’s modernizing efforts.   Continue

14 Burning Questions from the May 2014 Mequoda Intensive

Last week, at our quarterly Digital Publishing & Marketing Intensive in Boston, we discussed multiplatform publishing, digital magazines, audience development and subscription website best practices at length. During these sessions, we gathered some of the best burning questions from our attendees.   Continue

Mobile Magazines Take Different Approaches to News

Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab recently took a look at three news services’ strategies for mobile publishing. With mobile audiences far outpacing mobile revenues, Circa, NRCQ, and The New Republic offer intriguing efforts to even things out with “mobile-first newsonomics,” as Ken Doctor writes.   Continue

Lewis DVorkin Tells Forbes Mobile Story

Earlier this week, Forbes Chief Product Officer Lewis DVorkin riffed on the publisher’s high performance on mobile, with half of its audience coming from smartphone and tablet traffic. DVorkin describes the “flow” that now exists among all content on all platforms, and how journalists and publishers alike must find a way to harness it.   Continue

Mobile Innovations a Response to Ad Market

As they grapple with uneven mobile ad rates and inventory, publishers are looking inward to construct new models.   Continue

Atlantic Media Strategies Example of Publishers Branching Out

Publishers are diversifying their offerings – including licensing proprietary tech, sharing best practices and models with brands, and consulting on media operations – to both expand their own reach and offset any shortfalls in ad revenues, Digiday reports.   Continue

New Report: Tablet an ‘Essential Consumer Gadget’

While tablet demand is uneven, Flurry Analytics recently released a report that shows current owners rely on them at all hours of the day.   Continue

Three Multiplatform Publishing Best Practices From the May 2014 Mequoda Intensive

At the fundamental level of multiplatform publishing, and as a basic principle of the Mequoda Method, we say that you can use your content to create other products. Live events are the best high-fidelity user experience, with the highest price point. However, most publishers will be very comfortable producing downloadable media, like books, special reports,   Continue

Economist App, Others Disaggregating Content

Digiday reports that publishers are increasingly going with an “a la carte” digital approach as opposed to the more traditional “all you can eat” one.   Continue

Nylon Mag Merges With FashionIndie

With arguably the most stylish merger in recent publishing history, Nylon Magazine will join forces with to launch a “multifplatform media company,” according to Ad Week.   Continue

InPrint App to Group American Media Inc. Brands

Tabloid publisher American Media Inc. on Monday launched its InPrint app for iPhone and iPad, allowing subscribers access to all of its magazine content. American owns the National Enquirer, Star, and OK!, but it also boasts Fit Pregnancy, Men’s Health, and Shape, among other titles.   Continue

WSJ Digital Magazine to Host Video

The Wall Street Journal’s new digital magazine, Signal, will present videos produced internally and by filmmakers, the publisher announced at NewFronts last week.   Continue

Lonny Mag Redesigns for Mobile

Livingly Media’s home décor brand Lonny has seen its numbers rise and fall, and it’s currently looking to find consistent success with a new mobile platform.   Continue