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Archive for Multiplatform Publishing Strategy

Multiplatform Publishing posts focus on the latest news and best practices in online publishing.

In this section, you’ll find a collection of Internet marketing strategy guidelines from the world’s most successful online publishing experts. You’ll also find stories on the latest news for online publishers and Internet marketers.

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5 Online Video Advertising Solutions For Any Publisher

Looking to monetize your video-viewing audience? Check out these 9 popular online video advertising solutions.   Continue

Two Ways to Avoid the Potential Penalties of Being a Content Aggregator

Did your search traffic drop this month? Even the most respected publishers I know saw a little kick from the recent Phantom update, which hones in, as usual, on high-quality content without truly explaining what that is.

But Google is just a machine, after all. I have to wonder if you’ve ever launched an update to your website, and it caused something to break? Maybe you installed a new plugin, or maybe it was a total redesign. Then afterward, a team of developers scramble to make it right again.   Continue

The Pros and Cons of Being a Content Aggregator

Content aggregators sometimes have a Jekyll and Hyde complex — but they don’t need to
Are you a content aggregator? If you source content from other sites, and then turn it into new material to riff off of, then you are. There are dirty rotten scoundrel ways to do it, of course, but most highly respected   Continue

What is a Content Aggregator?

There are a lot of things you can do without knowing it, but content aggregation isn’t one of them. For example, you could offend someone without knowing it. You could drive through a stop sign without knowing it. Or, you could steal a piece of candy when your five-year old drops it into your bag… and not even know it.
But if you’re rummaging through the web for content you can use as the basis for new articles, you probably know it. If you’re a content aggregator, you know it.   Continue

Hugely Successful Advertorial Examples You Can Learn From

With these new-age advertorial examples, you’ll re-think your native advertising game
Sixty seven percent of Americans think advertorials, also known as custom content, or native advertising content — add value to a website.
Are you an editor, and does that number shock you? As advertorials have become the norm in online publishing, new editors have been up in arms about something that consumers are into, as long as they know it’s sponsored.
And if you’re an ad-driven legacy publisher, advertorials have been a part of your business model as long as you can remember. They occupied the 16-20 page “special advertising section” of your publication.   Continue

What is Newsjacking?

Breaking News!

Did I get your attention? If so, you may intrinsically be drawn to the concept of newsjacking, even if you aren’t quite sure what it is.

Newsjacking is the process of driving traffic to your website through the use of breaking news that happens somewhere, in some industry. It doesn’t necessarily have to involve the industry you work in directly, but publishers and brands who use newsjacking as a way to create content need to find true alignment between the news and your industry to reap the benefits.

This is of course, evergreen content aside, which is our preferred type of content because it never expires or gets old, and should never be replaced by newsjacking.   Continue

Event Marketing Ideas for using Sponsor Contests to Attract New Attendees

One of the biggest mistakes event organizers make is that they keep on promoting to the SAME AUDIENCE. You’ve developed a great database of prospects. You continuously update your list, but the majority of your list consists of the same people that hear basically the same message.

You need a new audience of prospects. Always. They   Continue

How Content Gets Profitably Recycled in Multiplatform Publishing

When you recycle a can or plastic bottle, you can wait and listen to the sound of the machine crushing the can. It’s almost as if the nickel it spits back at you came from the can itself.

When you recycle a magazine into apps, blog posts, videos, emails and events it makes sounds too: the sounds of web traffic rushing at you. The sound of social chatter and ultimately, ad or product revenue. It’s a bit more than a nickel, but you’ll take it, right?   Continue

De-Coding Digital Magazine Publishing Software Rates Without Getting Swindled

A look at all the different fees you might encounter when choosing digital magazine publishing software
Digital magazine publishing software comes in all forms, capabilities, and prices. In the past we’ve reviewed our favorite digital magazine software, but now let’s break out the dollars and cents because it’s certainly a factor.

There are a few different fees that   Continue

What is Web Advertising?

As a niche publisher, there are likely two ways you think about web advertising. For some of you, advertising is a primary way you generate revenue, by selling ad space in your own magazines, portals and email newsletters. For others, buying web advertising in other people’s media is part of your audience development strategy. And for many of you, you think of web advertising for both reasons – to generate revenue for your business and to buy ads in media channels that you don’t own to drive traffic to your publishing properties.   Continue

Statistics on Mobile App Users That’ll Steer Your Team Ahead

What’s up with mobile apps and the people who use them? Anyone publishing a digital magazine, or planning to publish one, must keep up with app user statistics. Recent mobile app user statistics bear out earlier predictions: We living in a mobile, mobile world.

Because we constantly survey the app field to keep our clients well-informed, we’d like to share some of the app user statistics of most interest to publishers.   Continue

What is a White Paper?

Online Publishing 101: Creating and selling blockbuster digital white papers, special reports and handbooks is a core skill for many successful online publishing companies. With low production costs, no inventory and higher price points, these digital downloads are a key product strategy.   Continue

Native Advertising Rules and Regulations the FTC Wants You To Know

Native ads have been around for a while, although they have gone by many other names in the history of media over the centuries. The legal concerns that come with them have been around just as long, too.

During the Federal Trade Commission’s workshop “Blurred Lines: Advertising or Content?,” attorney Lesley Fair stepped to the podium and announced “an FTC law enforcement action … a settlement in the area of native advertising,” as she called it, to a crowd of representatives from the largest publishers and agencies in the country.   Continue

Event Marketing for Publishers: Stop Asking for Event Sign-Ups!

As event organizers, we send lots and lots AND LOTS of emails to get attendee registrations. After all, that’s the idea–to get as many people as possible to attend our events, right?

We’re all tempted to do it. It’s hard to stop ourselves and we are not particularly proud of it… but don’t do it!   Continue

5 Best Native Advertising Examples That’ll Expand Your Ad Sales

Turns out that not only is native old news – it has gone by many other names in the history of media over the centuries – but the legal concerns that come with it are, too.   Continue

A Childhood Ambition Achieved, a New Platform Added to my Career

Mequoda Gold Members and every reader of this blog know me as a publishing consultant, journalist and blogger. Now I’m thrilled to introduce to you: Don Nicholas, novelist.

No, it’s not a mid-life crisis, and I haven’t been stolen by aliens. It’s actually a return to my earliest love (sorry, Gail), and the realization of a lifelong dream.

Here’s how it all happened.

5 Event Marketing Ideas to Keep Your Attendees Coming Back

I’ve been creating niche events (under 2,000 attendees) for over a decade now and have picked up some sure-fire event marketing strategies along the way. Creating dynamic marketing strategies for you events is definitely not for sissies, don’t you agree?

Here are 5 event marketing ideas to keep your attendees coming back for more.

What is Native Advertising Content?

Native advertising is content that is created to subtly promote or sell a product. It is also referred to as an advertorial. Most often, this content is sponsored by a third-party advertiser, although publishers also write native ads for their own products.

Different types of native advertising examples include in-feed ad units, which are articles that look like every other piece of content on your site, except it’s clearly labeled as sponsored. We also consider the paid search units in your website search results to be native advertising. Additionally, if you recommend third-party content in your “related content” section below articles, those would be considered native ads. If you sell listings, like AutoTrader, then any listings that are paid for and sponsored (by a big car manufacturer for example) would be native ads. Some sites have featured content widgets displayed at the top of their content, or alongsite it that are sponsored by advertisers and yes, those are also native ads.

If at any point you are producing, displaying, or publishing natural content from an advertiser on your site, this could be considered native advertising.   Continue

3 Huge Digital Publishing Mistakes Legacy Publishers Make

With regularity, we have no trouble shouting the benefits of digital publishing from the rooftops. You can save money by recyling content, you can boost profits bycreating content on multiple platforms, you can serve your customers on their favorite devices with digital magazines. Rarely do we talk about what goes wrong in digital publishing.

With each new Mequoda System I agree to guide, I ask myself about the odds for success. I am old enough to know now that their success does not revolve around me. After all, I have worked on many successes and many failures. Other circumstances and behaviors will overwhelm my contribution to the enterprise. So why do some digital publishing teams succeed and why do others fail? I think about this a lot.   Continue

Why Advertising Through Mobile and Tablets is a Publisher’s Best Friend

Twenty years ago, ads were squares in newspapers and half or full pages in magazines. Selling advertising meant that you were selling a set of dimensions – the actual size of the ad. You may have created the ad for an advertiser, or perhaps they created it themselves.

How to Turn a Print Strategy into a Digital Publishing Strategy and Survive the Future

A print magazine looks, smells and feels good in your hands. When we asked digital natives why they might prefer paper over a digital magazine in a study a few years ago, that was their answer. Back in 2011 when we conducted that study, only 22% of our respondents said they subscribe to digital magazines. About 50% said they subscribed to print.

In the same year, Jann Wenner, co-founder and publisher of Rolling Stone notoriously declared that digital magazines were the future, but not for a while.   Continue

Is Monetizing Video Content Next on Medium’s Agenda?

Ev Williams’ Medium – the long-form digital publishing platform that launched a couple of years back – has steadily grown in both audience and users, crossing off each item on its to-do list along the way. Gradually shedding its silly “platisher” tag and emerging as a leader in a media strategy, Medium has now moved on to the natural next step in its progression: monetizing video content.   Continue

Top 10 Magazine Brands + Year-Over-Year Numbers Tabbed by MPA

The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) released its “Top 10” magazine brands on Jan. 7, along with its most current industry numbers from November of 2014. The findings, compiled by recently created MPA metrics arm Magazine Media 360°, are encouraging.   Continue

5 Digital Publishing Trends to Look Out for in 2015

Dorian Benkoil via Twitter
‘Media Shift’ tackles this year’s digital publishing trends with its latest predictions
While forecasting a renewed focus on content and metrics in 2015 would hardly qualify as going out on a great limb, Dorian Benkoil’s roundup of digital publishing trends to watch this year contains some noteworthy nuggets.

The founder   Continue

What is Digital Publishing? It Makes the Multiplatform World Go ‘Round

Up until ten years ago, the majority of magazine publishers did not publish online. Newspaper publishers were first to the game in the late 1990’s but even as recently as 2006, weren’t making money from them. Still, they pushed on, as did the magazine publishing industry.

And the publishers who have prevailed in digital publishing didn’t see the web as just one platform to re-publish the same content as print – they saw it as a new platform for many different products and many different variations of those products.

The Many Platforms of Multiplatform Publishers

Even the smallest of magazine publishers publish on two platforms: their magazine and their website.

Mequoda publishers typically publish five to six different platforms, and within those platforms, many more sub-platforms.

Based on the fact that every platform has completely different user experiences, we came up with our idea of what this looks like, and we call it the niche media user experience dashboard — that is, what users get out of the many different platforms.   Continue

10 Multiplatform Publishing Lessons for Profitability in 2015

Over the past year, the Mequoda team has made many new discoveries regarding search optimization, audience development and subscription websites, but moreso than ever, we have spent time working with publishers on their multiplatform publishing strategy.   Continue

New Digital Partnership Brings Peanuts Into Digital Publishing

One of the wonderful benefits of the digital environment is the opportunity to revive older forms of media and bring them to a new audience.

Where Digital Ads Are Most Effective

Do you know where your digital ads are the most effective? This is something that digital publishers and digital marketers have considered, if they have taken the effort to create and disseminate such ads.   Continue

Email Call to Action Examples Done Right by Mequoda Members

If there’s one thing Mequoda is strict about, it’s aligning your free content with paid products — making sure that for every free topic you write about, there’s a paid product on the same topic. Or vice versa. On the web, we refer to this as Consistent Channel Conversion architecture, or 3C Conversion Architecture.

In email, the   Continue

Kiplinger’s Guidelines for Third-Party Email Marketing

A few weeks ago, we got an email from Greg Krehbiel, Director of Marketing Operations at The Kiplinger Washington Editors, Inc. Like many publishers, Kiplinger works with partners and advertisers on promotional email marketing campaigns, and it’s rarely a simple process.   Continue

5 New Multiplatform Publishing Job Descriptions

In order to succeed online, publishers need to have staff that understand the digital evolution. When operated with precision and passion, a Mequoda System can turn any special-interest content-driven publication into a successful multiplatform publishing empire.   Continue

Multiplatform Publishing: How Digital Is Being Brought To Print

We’ve seen many print legacy publishers turn digital. However, now we’re seeing some publishers take their digital elements and bring them to print. The Guardian is one publisher bringing design elements from the newspaper’s digital edition to print, reports Design Week.   Continue

Bryan Welch, Gail Odeneal Inducted into the Mequoda Hall of Fame

The Mequoda Multiplatform Publishing Hall of Fame, founded in 2006 to recognize publishing executives at the top of their game, has now expanded to 11 members, with the induction of two new Mequoda Masters at the annual Gold Member Summit last week.   Continue

Meredith Offering New Multiplatform Publishing

Connected TV is getting popular these days, and expected to continually grow in popular, with a prediction that 75% of TVs will be internet-connected by 2017. This information is discussed in an article from InContext, which also reports on Meredith’s launch of Better Homes and Gardens streaming on Connected TV.   Continue

The Four Foundational Multiplatform Building Blocks

Mequoda Multiplatform Publishers build profitable Mequoda Pyramids with a Mequoda Matrix as their guide and a Mequoda Portal as their foundation…
Over the past several weeks, we’ve rolled out a foundation of what we consider the most essential building blocks of a multiplatform publishing system. We believe that by using these building blocks, any publisher can   Continue

You Love Us, You Really Love Us!

Even better, your opinion may have won you a free iPad Mini!
Over the summer we hosted a contest that asked you, our readers, to review our four new  best practice handbooks in exchange for the chance to win an iPad. Well, this morning we picked a winner!

Have you read our new handbooks yet? One reviewer sent   Continue

Your MPI is a Key Predictor of Multiplatform Success

If your website doesn’t attract at least 5x more free visitors than paid subscribers – your publication is probably in trouble
Marketing expert Seth Godin recently spoke at the HOW magazine conference and said, “I can reach 10 times more people writing a blog post than writing a book.” I’ve always liked that guy.

If you apply   Continue

Canadian Elle Enters Ecommerce, Video Derby

Elle Canada is partnering with retailer Hudson’s Bay to allow its readers to shop by way of video on their mobile devices, Women’s Wear Daily reports. The video series launched earlier this week and features model Pamela Bernier and branded content for Hudson’s Bay, available via, the magazine’s iPad edition, or through its mobile app.   Continue

American’s Inflight Magazines Get New Publisher

Ink Global is replacing American Airlines’ in-house publishing unit in the production of American Way inflight magazines, as well as two other new titles. Folio: reports that Celebrated Living, for business- and first-class travelers, and Nexos, a Spanish- and Portugese-language publication, will launch in January of 2015 along with the revamped American Way.   Continue

Newsweek Digital Tactics Take Shape

With its print reincarnation established, Newsweek 2.0 is setting its sights on its original mission: a robust digital presence. Capital New York reports that Editor-in-Chief Jim Impoco is devoting considerably more resources to Newsweek’s multiplatform operations.   Continue

Is the Mobile Gap Closing?

Total mobile ad spending nearly doubled in 2013 to $19.3 billion globally, indicating that the gap between traffic migration and monetization might be narrowing, Folio: reports. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the overall rate of growth for mobile ad revenue is 92%.   Continue

Mobile Outlook: Traffic Outpaces Desktop for UK Publishers

Digiday reports that the top magazine and newspaper publishers in the UK have seen their mobile website traffic surpass that of their desktop visitors, as more than half access it via tablet and other devices. In addition, according to Ofcom’s Communications Market Report, 61% of UK adults now own a smartphone, and 44% of households own a tablet. Mobile has become the favorite board for British surfers.   Continue

Red Bull Magazine Makes Big Digital Push

Red Bull Media House has redesigned its website with an emphasis on integrating The Red Bulletin, the company’s successful print product targeting 18- to 34-year-olds, to showcase its “online storytelling” and attract ad buyers to the platform.   Continue

American Press Institute Produces Events Guide

The American Press Institute has released a guide that helps plan events based on the efforts of 20 different publishers, complete with advice on developing branding, driving audience engagement, and generating story ideas. And making money, of course: The Texas Tribune generated $1.3 million in revenue via events in 2013.   Continue

Sports Publishers Playing Under Mobile’s New Rules

As mobile traffic to their sites eclipses 50%, sports publishers are putting into place new tactics to attract and retain visitors. Digiday reports that USA Today’s FTW, theScore, and Sports Illustrated face challenges in the wildly varying consumption habits of sports fans.   Continue

Mental Floss Magazine a Multiplatform Success Story

Mental Floss magazine is expanding its print and digital operations, the New York Observer reports.   Continue

Mobile-First Philosophy Considerations

Publishing analysts Chartbeat have concluded that mobile traffic complements desktop traffic, with consumption coming literally night and day (or home and work), respectively, Digiday reports.   Continue

Mobile Tactics Increasingly Utilize Curation

As they develop and refine their mobile content strategies, publishers are more and more mixing in curation with original stories, Digiday reports.   Continue

Bonnier Switches Up App Platforms

Although Bonnier Corp. played a major role in developing Mag+, the Swedish publishing company is moving its U.S. properties off of that platform and onto the Adobe DPS.   Continue