The Power Of Time Inc.’s Social Media

via Time Inc.

via Time Inc.

When you consider the reach of magazines on social media, recent data shows that the magazines from Time Inc. come out on top.

Media Wire Daily is covering this story, which has developed based on statistics released from the MPA. Here’s a look at the top 10 magazines listed according to Media Wire Daily. The social media audience is listed in millions after the magazine name.

1. Time Inc.  (92.5)

2. Condé Nast  (76.6)

3. National Geo  (64.1)

4. Hearst  (60.1)

5. Meredith  (24.2)

6. Rodale  (20.5)

7. Bonnier  (19.4)

8. Playboy  (18.7)

9. The Economist  (18.3)

10. American Media  (15.5)

From this data it’s easy to see that Time Inc. is way out in front. Conde Nast follows at a distant second.

It seems that at 92.5 million, Time Inc.’s social media audience will continue to reign among magazines for awhile.

Read more on this topic at Media Wire Daily. 

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