Building Online Partnerships


What are the six types of online partnerships?



The six partnership types that Carl has used to successfully generate millions of dollars in revenue include:

1. Content Partnerships: To be a market leader in content publishing, it’s important to consistently publish a lot of high-quality content. Doing so will make audience members and search engines take notice.

If you don’t have the time or staffing to generate the necessary amount of content, a content partnership is possible.

VidaySalud’s presence in the health care field opened up the opportunity to partner with Mayo Clinic on two new sponsored channels including Cutting-Edge Medicine and Natural and Complementary Medicine.

2. Audience Development: Every online publisher needs an audience to survive and maintain relevancy. In today’s online world of content oversaturation, it’s important to stand out. Doing so through organic marketing efforts can be the difference between succeeding as a multi-million dollar publication and disappearing as a source of valued content.

Audience development can be done many ways through many different mediums. Focusing on the creation of content is the most important way to build and retain an online audience.

For, Google is a primary audience development partner. By frequently publishing high-quality content that is optimized for Google, VidaySalud’s content has found a home ranking high in search queries.

3. Sponsor Partnerships: With over 20 main topics covered at, there is a lot of opportunity for niche sponsorship deals between like-minded organizations.

For instance, has a sponsorship deal with Colgate, among many others. This relationship is valuable to both organizations as Vida receives money and Colgate gets a lot of targeted promotion.

4. Sales Partnerships: Since sponsorship deals and advertising are necessary components for the success of VidaySalud – primarily since there is no fee for users to access Vida’s content – it’s necessary for the sales process to continually take place. This could be very time consuming if Carl was the only individual working on procuring sponsorship deals.

Instead, Carl has partnered with Meredith Hispanic Ventures on a deal that includes content sharing and advertising sales. This spells revenue generation for both companies.

5. IT Partnerships: Online businesses need an array of support to succeed. A fully functioning website and an email service provider are just two of the necessary components. In addition to the hosting and support partnership with Mequoda, partners with email service provider WhatCounts to properly execute email campaigns.

6. Readers as Partners: To gain more prevalence within a market and through search results, website traffic, active community forums and inbound links are important.

Nurturing these relationships with great content and engagement will help the overall popularity of a website grow.



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