Learn How to Use Multi-Media Content to Intrigue Readers and Keep Them on Your Sales Letter Landing Page

July 23rd, 2010

Learn How to Use Multi-Media Content to Intrigue Readers and Keep Them on Your Sales Letter Landing Page

This free Landing Page Handbook offers insight on creating sales letter landing pages that sell

(Nationwide)—Using multi-media and interactive technologies can enhance a user’s experience when done correctly.

The Internet environment affords businesses, publishers or marketers the ability to speak directly to potential clients and make a personal connection with the presence of audio and video.

Not only does video or audio create a personalized feel, but it also builds trust with the viewers. If a sales letter is designed for a product, the landing page can include video displaying the product and highlighting its features. Potential buyers would be experiencing the product without even purchasing it. Sales may be generating by using this approach.

Although audio and video can be great enhancing aspects of a sales letter landing page, the technology involved should never outshine the sales message.

Mequoda Group’s Landing Page Handbook: Creating Sales Letter Landing Pages That Sell teaches the components needed to create landing pages used for selling products directly to consumers or businesses. The 43-page Landing Page Handbook includes information on the following subjects:

Landing Page Handbook Take-Away #1 – How to write effective headlines.

Landing Page Handbook Take-Away #2 – Captivating readers with a compelling story.

Landing Page Handbook Take-Away #3 – Relationship building with email capture.

Landing Page Handbook Take-Away #4 – How to increase credibility.

Landing Page Handbook Take-Away #5 – Creating user-centric language.

To learn how to use multi-media to enhance sales letter landing pages and an array of other information on successful sales letter landing pages, start with Mequoda Group’s free 43-page Landing Page Handbook.

Receive a free digital copy of Landing Page Handbook now.

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