Mequoda Weekly: January 14th, 2013 – January 18th, 2013

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Top Digital Magazine Publishing Software

Publishers have been trying digital magazine publishing software during the last few years in hopes of creating the best digital products for their audiences.

After surveying the current landscape and talking to clients with hands-on experience, here are three of the three digital magazine publishing software companies we run into the most. Keep Reading


Search Engine Marketing Consulting: Finding Mr. Right

There are literally hundreds of individuals and companies on the Internet who call themselves a search engine marketing consulting firm. One such firm even promises to get you ranked in the first four spots in Google search results without a website – using YouTube and custom-made videos instead. (It’s an interesting proposition: When Google is taken out of the mix, YouTube is actually the second largest search engine today.)

Of course, you might ask yourself, when you’re looking for the perfect search engine marketing consulting firm: If that company isn’t on Page 1 of Google results, how can they promise that they’ll get me there?

When it comes to getting our clients’ content ranked on Google, Mequoda loves Page 1, but we also believe that searchers will click through at least three pages of results. And the ability to get itself ranked doesn’t mean that a search engine marketing consulting company offers what your operation needs, or is capable of working efficiently with your team. Keep Reading


Email Upgrade: 5 Responsive Newsletter Design Tips

To be a responsive website designer, you must know how to design a website to be viewed effectively on any platform. For example, a responsive website design would never include flash, because around 30% of the smartphone market is carrying a flash-unfriendly phone. Additionally, you find new ways to deliver pop-up ads that don’t slide off-screen, making them un-closeable on mobile devices. Or you remove them altogether when the browser detects they’re on a mobile website.

Some designers create entirely mobile versions of websites, which have been seriously upgraded from the days when a mobile website meant black Times New Roman on a white background. Others make sure their sites have no need for a “mobile” site by creating a singularly multi-functional site that will work on any device. Keep Reading


8 Elements of a Proper Website Traffic Report

We’re constantly reading and writing about how to drive website traffic, but how often do we discuss the website traffic report that all of us should be pouring over to see whether or not our hard work is going anywhere?

Anyone who has installed monitoring and reporting software in an attempt to measure what’s happening on their website knows you can easily become dazzled by the number and variety of variables. There are dozens of reporting systems you can use to make decisions, but you risk being overwhelmed with too much data.

So, we’re big fans of what we call “Management by Exception,” which means regularly reviewing a standard set of daily, weekly, or monthly metric reports, looking to see if something is above average, way above average, or way below average. The idea is to manage the things that are coming out differently than they have in the past or than you thought they would. Keep Reading


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