Mequoda Weekly: January 7th, 2013 – January 11th, 2013

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Write White: White Paper Format Showcases your Expertise and Authority

How would you like to expand your product line with something that’s based on content you already have, increases your credibility in your niche, offers your customers immediate gratification, and will sell in the thousands, maybe tens of thousands … or even millions?

It almost sounds too good to be true, but white papers are all that and more. The white paper format – sometimes also known as a special report, handbook or guidebook – offers the opportunity for publishers to go in depth into a particular topic that’s of more interest to their audience than a two-page article would be in your core magazine or newsletter. The white paper format allows readers to download it instantly, and, importantly for some publishers, privately. Keep Reading


Now Available: Landing Page Inspiration

Whether you’re selling a product or hoping to trade a free report for an email address, your landing page is where you lay it all on the line. Badly written copy, sloppy formatting and lackluster layout lead to death on a page.

But there’s hope for even the newest landing page amateur. Pay scrupulous attention to certain best practices, and you’ll be rolling in dough (or email addresses) in no time.

Landing page inspiration can be hard to find in the Internet wilderness, but I’ve identified several that can serve as guides. Keep Reading


18 Website Development Tools to Try in 2013

There’s a never-ending stream of new tools that pop up every day to help us become better web developers. We have a dashboard of tools we look to for ideas, assistance and even implementation, and it’s safe to assume that you probably do too.

Last year we discovered and shared a lot of web design tools that we use and want to pass on. In case you’re new here or missed a few, here are our favorites. Keep Reading


The Most Interesting Email Marketing Statistics of 2012

Email is the cornerstone of your audience development and product selling goals. An online editor’s primary responsibility is to reuse, recycle and repurpose premium information product content as free email newsletters and website posts. If you’re a Mequoda System editor, your main goal is to build the largest opt-in list of subscribers possible. These subscribers will ideally buy lots of premium information products from your organization.

At the end of every year, most email companies and research firms put together a list of the changes in email marketing. With the above goals in mind, here’s a curated list of some of the most interesting email marketing stats we could find. Keep Reading


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