Email Newsletters vs. Blogging

Are email newsletters better than blogs?

I’ve read several articles discussing whether or not blogs were dying, since many well known bloggers have recently switched to email newsletters only. There was much debate in the comments that followed these articles. Some agreed that blogging was indeed dead. However, many felt email newsletters were old-fashioned. I found a few comments that expressed both blogging and email newsletters still have a place.

Pros of Blogging

  • Blogs are public and live on forever in the archives of the Internet
  • Blogs are searchable by Google and other search engines, easy to seo and help improve ranking
  • Blogs can be monetized with ads as an additional revenue source
  • Blogs build your reputation, allowing you to demonstrate authority and expertise
  • Blogs allow greater interaction with your audience, allowing you to build a personal relationship with readers
  • Blogs can quickly go viral on social media sites, increasing website traffic
  • Blogs allow readers the opportunity to explore your website further, making your content more valuable to the reader

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Pros of Email Newsletters

  • Email Newsletters are private, direct and create a more intimate experience
  • Email Newsletters can be forwarded by the subscriber, like a personal recommendation
  • Email Newsletters can be monetized with niche products as an additional revenue source
  • Email Newsletters keep you connected with subscribers interested in your niche content while building your reputation
  • Email Newsletters offer the impression of exclusivity and perceived value to subscribers
  • Email Newsletters have a captive, more committed audience

Pros of Using Both a Blog and Email Newsletter

  • Blogs can be used to increase website traffic and acquire new email newsletter subscribers
  • Blogs and email newsletters offer free content that can be a preview of your paid content, thereby increasing revenue
  • Blogs and email newsletters can use the same content while captivating an audience and increasing organic search engine traffic

We have found that most publishers would benefit from both a blog and email newsletters. You get all of the benefits listed above. After all, we are talking about two totally different mediums. Each is used to accomplish a different purpose.

What it really comes down to is “What are your business goals?” and “Who is your audience?”

Which do you prefer: blogs, email newsletters or both?


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