Using Keyword Marketing Clusters to Drive Your Internet Strategy

Discover the simple, keyword-driven Internet Marketing Strategy that hundreds of savvy authors, publishers and other information marketers are using to transform their books, magazines or newsletters into multi-million dollar niche media empires.

Executive Summary

Keyword Marketing Clusters (groups of similar phrases used by people to search for information on the Web about a particular topic) are a driving force behind the Mequoda Internet Marekting Strategy for publishers and authors. This simple yet powerful Internet Marketing Strategy requires an author to focus their effort on specific Keyword Marketing Clusters, develop great answers to questions users are asking and then deploy that content in five ways.

  • Keyword Marketing Clusters are the foundation of a solid Internet Strategy.
  • If planned well, you can use the same content to drive your SEO- and PPC- new-customer-acquisition Internet marketing programs, plus your email newsletters, free special reports and paid information products.
  • Hundreds of savvy authors, publishers and other information marketers are using this simple Internet Strategy to transform their books, magazines or newsletters into multi-million dollar niche media empires.

Over the past two years, I’ve also helped dozens of publishers and authors develop Keyword Marketing Clusters that drive their Internet Marketing Strategy. I thought it might be helpful to share the process I developed. So, this week I thought we’d walk through a hypothetical Mequoda Internet Strategy Case Study where we plan the Internet Strategy for an author and self-publisher who is an expert on Apple Computer products and author of numerous books about Apple hardware and software. In the past, Bob (our fictitious Apple expert) has made a food-living writing books and magazine articles about Apple products. Bob is now about to become a publisher with his own Internet-centric media empire.

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Internet Strategy Step 1:
Using Keyword Marketing Clusters Analysis to Discover How Users Search for What You Know

Using the Overture Keyword Selector Tool we start out by typing “Apple” to research how users look for information about Apple products and get the following results.

From this keyword marketing list we select the top terms that we are fairly certain relate to Apple Computer products:

Apple iPod – 177,764
Apple Store – 77,761
Apple Computer – 75,793
Apple iTunes – 18,432
Apple Laptop – 13,274
Apple Mac – 5,284
Apple Quicktime – 5,100
Apple Notebook – 4,903
Apple iBook – 4,225

A few other Apple-related keyword searches yield the following:

Mac OS X – 6,180
OS X – 4,549
Mac OS X Tiger – 471
iLife – 3,920
Quicktime – 216,409
iMovie – 9,301
iMAc G5 – 4,889
G5 – 4,247

From these keyword marketing lists, our author decides that his first five topics will be as follows:

– Apple Computers
-Apple iPods
-Mac OS X

Now for each Keyword Marketing Cluster, he flushes out the topic and Mequoda Hub Information Architecture that will be the day-to-day manifestation of his new customer acquisition Internet Strategy.

Internet Strategy Steps 2 through 7

2. Nameplate: Bob will call his website The Apple InCider.

3. URL: The URL will be and he will also use with a redirect.

4. Tips: Bob will publish a new 300- to 500-word tip every weekday, rotating through his five topics. Each tip will be sent to his email newsletter subscribers, become a tip page on his website and become a headline on a topic page on his website to attract new searchers for that Keyword Marketing Cluster.

5. Topic Pages: Bob will build five keyword- and link-rich topic pages that index the headlines for all the tips on each Keyword Marketing Cluster. These topic pages will be given high priority in his right navigation and will be optimized for their respective keyword cluster.

6. Free Special Reports: Bob will create a 36-page free Special Report for each topic and Keyword Marketing Cluster starting with Deciding which Apple Computer is Right for You. The content for the reports will be shared with the tips on that topic. Bob estimates that each report should include about 30 tips on the topic.

7. Landing Pages: Bob will create a landing page for each special report that is optimized for its respective Keyword Marketing Cluster that offers a free subscription to The Apple InCider.

Bob can now choose one or more Mequoda Satellite Websites to sell his books, seminars and other information products using promotional email blasts to his loyal subscribers to drive traffic three to five times per week.

He can also include Google or other advertising on his known user pages (versions of his website pages delivered to people who are already subscribers to his newsletter). He may also decide to include similar advertising in his daily newsletters.

Bob and his three-person team work very hard, make a lot of money and travel the world spreading the Apple gospel.

The End


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