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Tag: internet business model

Add Event Websites to Your Internet Business Model and Top Off Your Revenue Pyramid

Digital events are quickly becoming a highly profitable Internet Business Model

The Mequoda Research Group has identified nine methods used by successful publishers for making money online:

The 9 Online Content Business Models include:

Using Content to Drive your Audience Development Plan

How recycling, repurposing, and repackaging content can create alignment in your marketing efforts

The number of steps required to create an effective audience development plan often confuses people new to organic content marketing. One of my favorite tricks is to use the acronym ARM to help people remember that there are three distinct elements or parts in a content driven audience development plan. A is for attract; R is for retain, and M is always for monetize.

The Most Disruptive Pricing Strategy

Should your digital magazine be free, paid or something in between?

Peter Sprague is a disruptive guy. About five years ago, Peter decided the world needed a new guitar magazine. Peter didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. He is a seasoned media executive who understands both quality editorial and media economics. So when I saw Peter launched a magazine, I simplify.

What Peter really did, was launch a new multiplatform niche media brand. Today, the Premier Guitar brand reaches almost one million enthusiasts every month. Guitarists can follow Premier Guitar on the web, via e-mail, on Twitter, Facebook and RSS. In 2011, none of the above makes Premier Guitar unique.

What Does “Mequoda” Mean?

The Mequoda Method, when run as a repeating cycle of management behaviors, creates an audience- driven, continuous-improvement media management system.

Mequoda is a term coined by Internet entrepreneur and website developer Don Nicholas to describe a method for designing and managing websites and website networks. The term is an acronym for “media quote daily,” which is core to Nicholas’s approach to building website networks that includes seven specific website types.

A Mequoda Website Network includes a minimum of two websites, where one is a free Mequoda Internet Hub and the other is one of the seven Mequoda Website Satellite Archetypes. Mequoda is now used to describe a wide variety of Internet publishing and online marketing terms that extend the Mequoda philosophy.

Do You Have An Exit Strategy for Your Business?

Does your Internet business model have a five-year business plan? If so, do you have an exit strategy too?

The exit multiples for online publications are running between 10 and 15, with an average of 12. That means if your business is making $1 million in profit after five years, it probably can be sold for $12 million.

If we know, in the planning stage, that the business can be launched for $500,000 and sold for $12 million in five years, that is an attractive return on investment.

In other words, a business launched for $500,000 in 2010, that in 2015 is making $1 million annually, can be sold for $12 million. That’s a simple return on investment of 24X.

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When Social Media Shouldn’t Be Part of Your Internet Business Model

Social media should only be a part of your Internet business model if you plan on working it

Every company should have a social media plan, but not every company needs to use social media. The “plan” part of this is to simply determine if using sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn would be beneficial to your company. If you can’t come up with a solid plan, or are simply looking for the ways to make everything “easy”, then you shouldn’t be using social media.

Consider this scenario:

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Internet Business Models That Bring Success

Our Internet Business Models and Strategies free report discusses nine of them

Look around the Internet landscape. What types of online business models do you see generating revenue?

Online publishers and content marketers are utilizing an array of Internet business models to make money online these days. From subscription services to online advertising, a diversified set of Internet business models can target users in completely different manners, yet still lead to success.

The Triangular Approach to Building an Internet Business Model

Build your Internet business model from the bottom up

Whether you are a paid website that sells products or a free website that sells advertising, your business model requires some kind of visual component that acts as a roadmap for the future.

The first step in this roadmap, is deciding what your website will offer and how it will make money. This is why, in every business plan we create or help create, a Mequoda Media Pyramid is built.

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Should Your Internet Business Model Include Live Events?

There is incredible value in live events for publishers

Do you have premier customers with a seemingly insatiable appetite for your niche content? If so, you may want to consider adding a live event in a desirable destination.

The Mequoda Research Group has identified nine methods used by successful publishers for making money online. Number nine on our list is Selling Events which, whether live or digital, has become highly profitable online.

Week in Review: September 13th, 2010 – September 17th, 2010

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Using Sponsorships as an Internet Business Model

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses how selling sponsorships can be used as one Internet Business Model that’ll help develop your online media business

(Nationwide)—Multi-faceted sponsorship opportunities are valuable commodities for online publishers. For instance, if a publisher has a core of editorial topics, they can potentially sell sponsorships for each individual topic.

The best way to approach this is to offer complete exclusivity on any of the given topic pages. The sponsorship package may include promotion on the leaderboard, a large ad box, a medium ad box and a skyscraper advertisement.

Learn How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

Successful publishers evolve and so does their content marketing strategy

Smart publishers will tell you that once they started optimizing articles and landing pages for Google, search engines have become their biggest source of incoming traffic and email subscriptions. Social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin have become the second largest source of incoming traffic.

We feel the key to making money online, as a publisher, is giving away lots of free content with a clear path to at least one source of revenue. Stop the in-your-face approach of screaming at consumers to “buy my product”. You now have the opportunity to interact with them and create a meaningful relationship.

Free for Publishers: The Best Internet Marketing Strategy

Using the power of free content to build internet business models that work

How Sponsored White Papers Can Boost Web Advertising

Free content can still generate revenue from web advertising

How to Create a Media Pyramid for your Business Plan

Start your Internet business model with a media pyramid that shows the hierarchy of your products and revenue

Are you in the process of writing a business plan for a new online venture, or an extension of an existing online business?

As you know, having an online portal for your information is essential for growth. Using the web as a new medium and not just an extension of your brand is critical. But this is a new beast, and to be prepared, you must plan. This holds true whether your online business unit launched six months ago, or hasn’t launched yet.

Online Publishing Model

The Mequoda Online Publishing Model is a simple, easy-to-use Internet business model that can help manage complex online marketing efforts with confidence. It is a key-metric forecasting and budgeting tool that helps determine the best ways to implement the Mequoda Marketing System.

Internet Marketing Model

The Mequoda Internet Marketing Model is designed to be an easy-to-use starter Internet business model tool. It is an Excel-based modeling and budgeting tool that can be used to guide your online marketing and publishing efforts to higher profits.

The Motley Fool Media Network Case Study

The Motley Fool uses its powerful brand to launch seven successful print newsletters for personal investors that will generate $22M in 2005 revenues. Traditional advertising-driven Internet business model takes a back seat.

After the 2001 dot-com stock market crash occurred, The Motley Fool was forced to change its online business model. The years of generating more than $20 million in advertising revenue were long gone, much like the employees who suffered layoffs. They abandoned the advertising model for the print subscription model and today are succeeding handsomely. The Fool’s first print investment newsletter The Motley Fool Stock Advisor (launched as a partnership with Phillips Investment Resources) proved to be very popular and profitable. Its success has now spawned the launch of six more print titles, making The Motley Fool a major player in the paid subscription content business.

Introduction to the Mequoda System™ 2006

The Mequoda System™ is an internet business model comprised of seven organizational habits

The Mequoda System is a collection of media management behaviors that when operated as a repeating cycle, create an audience-driven, continuous improvement media management system. To discover and document the Mequoda System, the Mequoda Research Team has studied the management strategies and habits of hundreds of successful (and not-so-successful) media organizations to arrive at seven best practices, or organizational habits, that comprise the most current version of the Mequoda System.

An Internet Business Model for Your Internet Marketing System

Download an easy-to-use Excel-based modeling and budgeting tool to guide your online marketing and publishing efforts to higher profits.