Should Your Internet Business Model Include Live Events?

There is incredible value in live events for publishers

Do you have premier customers with a seemingly insatiable appetite for your niche content? If so, you may want to consider adding a live event in a desirable destination.

The Mequoda Research Group has identified nine methods used by successful publishers for making money online. Number nine on our list is Selling Events which, whether live or digital, has become highly profitable online.

There are two ways to sell events online. First, as a portion of your overall Internet Business Model, like The D Conference from All Things Digital. Or dedicated, as your entire Internet Business Model, like US Yacht Shows.

Remember, real people still like to socialize and network with real people that share a common interest. For a B2B, consider a conference for networking purposes or a seminar for intensive training. For a B2C, consider a class, competition, trade show, craft fair, concert or whatever event fits your product best.

B2B’s can look to the Mequoda Summit for pointers. Mequoda holds a two-day conference that explains, in detail, the best practices for starting and running a profitable online publishing business. Our Fall Summit has been held in Boston since 2005 and the Spring Summit has been held in Napa Valley since 2008. We keep attendance small and the energy high.

A great B2C example was Weekend With the Masters, put on by Interweave Press for their American Artist brand last week at the Laguna Cliff Hills Resort & Spa. It is designed as a workshop slash conference where artists and art enthusiasts come together to share and learn.  It is truly unique experience for all in involved.

One thing we’ve learned from these examples: Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing a very desirable destination.


The 9 Internet Business Models include:
Internet Business Model #1: Selling Sponsorships
Internet Business Model #2: Selling Lists
Internet Business Model #3: Selling Impressions
Internet Business Model #4: Selling Clicks
Internet Business Model #5: Selling Leads
Internet Business Model #6: Selling Books and Products
Internet Business Model #7: Selling Periodicals
Internet Business Model #8: Selling Memberships
Internet Business Model #9: Selling Events

Of these nine Internet Business Models used by successful publishers for making money online, potentially the most profitable—is live events. Do you offer a live event for your premier customers?


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