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Conference Handouts Provide Solid Information

Handouts for sessions from last week’s SIPA Marketing Conference in Miami are now posted on the SIPA website! As a preview, here are important and timely snippets from 10 of those presentations. The links are for SIPA members to view the handouts. (If you don’t know your password, follow the easy prompts; if you want to become a member and see the handouts, hit the orange Free Trial button on the right, click here or email SIPA.)

1. Creating an Integrated Social Media Marketing Program for PublishersTodd Lebo and Jim Sinkinson
Issues in Monitoring and Listening to Social Media Activity

– Free services (Google Alerts, Twitter Advanced Search, Addict-o-Matic, Social Oomph).
– Paid services (Radian6, Meltwater).
– Free SM management services that make it easy to monitor in real time (TweetDeck, HootSuite).

2. Limited Slots, Maximum Results: Maximize Your Marketing InventoryDon Nicholas and Eric Hellweg
When Harvard Business Review went out to re-create itself, these were some goals: richer graphics, better writing, more “magazine-like” less “journal-like”; combine two websites and three different audiences under the HBR brand; bridge timely and timeless; target emerging and established leaders; connect theory to practice; balance rigorous research with vigorous debate.

3. Top 10 Things Marketers Need to Know About ITGreg Krehbiel
Two important tips for marketers:
a) The more marketing learns about IT, the more forthcoming IT will be with ideas and solutions.
b) The people who can’t work with IT are often the ones who won’t take the time to learn.

4. Creative Ways to Maximize Your Direct MailMalee Nuesse and Mark Johnson
Two keys to direct mail testing are:
a) Test every time you deploy – don’t wait until your back is against the wall.
b) Share ideas and results with like-minded professionals. Collaborate in?house, with fellow publishers and with key vendors (list broker and printer).

5. Marketing Events Using Multimedia – Nicole Cathcart and Matt Salt
– The 5 Rs: Once you have the Right person, communicate the Right message to the Right audience at the Right time in the Right way.
– Events marketing is about lists, lists and lists.
– Social media isn’t really free.

6. Kindles & i:Pads & iPhones, Oh My! Marketing to Mobile Devices – J.W. Philip Ramsey
Tips for doing analytics: get a “baseline” before you start; plan what to follow; twitter –hash tags;; track app downloads; track app usage; the goal is to push people to your brand. Check out Mashable.

7. Renewals, Renewals, Renewals – Carol Brault and Robert Lerose
Here’s one strategy:
– Put your best offer in the first effort and emphasize that it won’t get better down the road.
– Subscribers often hold out in the hope of receiving a better deal at the end of the series.
– Don’t reward them for procrastinating!

8. Top 30 Social Media Marketing Tips in 60 Minutes – Doug Haslam and Matt Bailey
– Create a persona (find your voice).
– Let the content drive the tools.
– Experiment (embrace failure).

9. Online Free Trials (Roundtable) – Phil Ash and Francesco Catanzaro
Information technology tips:
– Hire proficient people who wish to pursue the business model rather than build a portfolio.
– Go for simple.
– Design – stick to templates; have designers work around them.

10. Marketing Metrics & Benchmarks: What’s the New Normal? – Rafael Cardoso
Key factors to keep In mind:
– Audience: Are you targeting or capturing the right person?
– Timing: Are you sending your email message at the right time? Is your direct mail piece dropping on the right day? Have you tested day-parting in paid search?
– Offer: Is this the right offer for this audience?
– Medium: Am I presenting this offer in the right medium?


Upcoming Events (all Eastern Standard Times)

November 23, 2010, 12:30 pm
SIPA Mequoda Webinar: Writing Killer Text Ads
Proven strategies for writing text ads that trigger
response, increase page views and generate revenue

December 1, 2010, 12 pm
SIPA’s New York Chapter Presents:
“How to Make Social Media Work for
Specialized Publishers” with Matt Bailey

December 8, 2010, 4:30 pm
SIPA’s Washington, DC Chapter Holiday Reception

December 14, 2010, 12:30 pm
SIPA/Mequoda Webinar: Actionable Analytics –
What to Do with All Those Numbers

June 5 – 7, 2011
SIPA 2011: SIPA’s 35th Annual Conference



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