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Interview: Dan McCormick of

Peter A. Schaible

Interview with Dan McCormick, publisher of a subscription website for photographers. A Canadian with a diversified business background, Dan McCormick has taken his love for photography and turned it into a popular membership website for both amateurs and professionals.   Continue

Interview: Peter Hapgood of

Peter A. Schaible

Interview with Peter Hapgood, whose membership website capitalizes on his years of professional experience in the public employee retirement industry. In this exclusive Mequoda interview, Peter Hapgood explains how he and his business partner, Thomas R. Lussier, took nearly 50 years of combined professional experience in the public employee retirement industry and launched PublicPensionsOnline.   Continue

Interview: Chris Parker, Co-Publisher of an Online Newsletter for Innkeepers

Peter A. Schaible

Interview with Chris Parkin, co-publisher of an online newsletter for innkeepers and others in the hospitality industry. He began as an apprentice in the Savoy in London, and 36 years later has his own country inn—plus a subscription website directed to helping others run a successful bed and breakfast.   Continue

Interview: LeaRae Keyes of The Nurse Entrepreneur Network

Peter A. Schaible

Interview with LeaRae Keyes, RN, publisher of a membership website designed to help nurse entrepreneurs develop and expand their businesses.

The Nurse Entrepreneur Network exists to help nurses who are or want to be entrepreneurs succeed. Its founder, LeaRae Keyes, has more than 25 years of experience coaching people to make life-style changes, alleviate their caregiving stresses, have more fulfilling lives, explore career alternatives, and achieve their goals.

Interview: Stanley Roberts, Review Membership Website Publisher

Peter A. Schaible

Interview with Stanley Roberts, a television videographer whose membership website publishes restaurant and lodging reviews.

When we first reported on last month, we were in envy of this website and its business model, so we decided to ask its publisher for more details. His answers are candid, informative and entertaining.

Internet Media Review Launches Redesigned Site, Hires Seven Contributing Editors

Peter A. Schaible

Bristol, RI – January 26, 2005 – Internet Media Review announced today that they have launched a revised version of their site and hired seven new contributing editors.   Continue

Tips for increasing subscription website discussion forum participation

Peter A. Schaible

Membership websites benefit by adding social networking

Your discussion forum could be the most valued feature of your membership site. But if many members only lurk around, reading the posts but reluctant to make their own contributions, you could have a problem. Here are some ideas for stimulating more activity.   Continue

Seven rules about writing for a membership website

Peter A. Schaible

Brevity is the soul of wit, according to the Bard. And all the more so online. So, of course, someone created rules for you to follow when writing for the web. Okay, so maybe they are more like guidelines than hard and fast laws of cyber language. That said, here is what you want to   Continue

How to test the viability of your idea for a pay-for-access online newsletter before developing it

Peter A. Schaible

In this scenario, inspired by Frank Kern, you send up a trial balloon and let your potential subscribers tell you what they want, if anything, from your proposed information product.


Twelve ways to kill your membership website

Peter A. Schaible

Internet publishing, like traditional print publishing, can be risky business. A very high percentage of new publications go under within a year of launching. Here are 12 mistakes that can lead to the early demise of your site.   Continue

Pros & Cons plus Tips & Tricks for Recurring Billing on your Membership Website

Peter A. Schaible

Recurring billing has been around almost as long as credit cards. You probably take advantage of some type of recurring billing to make utility, Internet hosting service, cable, or insurance payments.   Continue

Cook’s Illustrated wins IMR’s Editor’s Choice Award for Best Cooking Subscription Website

Kim Mateus

Bristol, RI – November 17, 2004 – With the holidays fast approaching, IMR’s Usability Expert Roxanne O’Connell thought it would be suitable and enjoyable to navigate cooking websites. She was determined to find out how a publication could manage to charge money for something that is abundantly offered for free on the Internet.   Continue