4 Steps for Building Email Circulation

How Golf Vacation Insider Manages 75 Complimentary Special Reports and a Page #1 Ranking in Google on Almost All of Them.

There are four components to building email circulation once you have your complimentary products. Your complimentary products are special reports, white papers or otherwise easily downloaded or viewed on the web in exchange for an email address.

Your rapid conversion landing page (aka name-squeeze page) is the page that describes your complimentary product. Every rapid conversion landing page deserves a unique campaign around it.

These four steps include:


We’re going to use Golf Vacation Insider as a best-practice example for building email circulation. GVI has 75 rapid conversion landing pages for complimentary free reports that build email circulation—and in the end—sell a subscription to their monthly newsletter Golf Odyssey.

Search Engine Optimization: Almost all of the 75 rapid conversion landing pages built by GVI show up on page one for the name of the book. A more specific term like Eagle Ridge Resort Golf Vacation shows up as #1 in Google with 94,200 competing pages. The term “Eagle Ridge Resort” shows up 10 times on the page. Bandon Dunes Golf Vacation shows up as #2 with 12,700 competing pages and their keyword “Bandon Dunes Golf Vacation” shows up 8 times. In both cases, the keywords are in the title, URL, meta description and meta keywords. They’re also in the URLs for every image on the page.

Link-Building: GVI partners with lots of other golf interest websites. Most importantly, they are trusted as an unbiased resource on the topic of golf vacations. Therefore, websites link to them frequently. That’s not to say however, that they can’t do link-building of their own. For example, on the Wikipedia page for Pebble Beach, under the “External Links” section, you’ll find a link called “Free travel tips and secrets to planning a Pebble Beach Golf Vacation” which links to their Pebble Beach topic page, and ultimately, their free report which is listed first on the page.

PR: New special reports from GVI are usually built up with an introductory press release like this one for the Equinox Resort. Releasing press releases drives traffic to their site and also encourages people to write and blog about the new report.

Conversion Architecture: All of this traffic wouldn’t do GVI any good if they didn’t have excellent conversion architecture. From any page on the site, you are offered a complimentary report in exchange for your email address. In the right navigation, you can also see the most current list of complimentary special reports. Even at the bottom of the page you can find these reports listed by country. When you land on the rapid conversion landing page, you are greeted with a large OFIE that offers you the report in exchange for your email address.

GVI’s rapid conversion landing pages have some of the best conversion rates we’ve seen, and they’re a Mequoda best practice example for driving website traffic and building email circulation.


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