A Formula for Email Marketing

This Mequoda System Operator has found high profitability with a unique Internet marketing strategy

Note: This is the final edition of a five part series on the Mequoda Publisher of the Year nominees. Voting has closed.

If you’re an employer, you know that maintaining compliance with human resource laws can get confusing. And if you employ people across state lines, those laws can be down right baffling. That’s partly why Robert Brady created HR Daily Advisor—to explain in plain-English what employers are responsible for and how they can better manage their employees.

Mequoda Publisher of the Year Nominee HR Daily Advisor is one of Business & Legal Reports‘ free email newsletters. The main objective of the daily email is to serve as a “marketing and sales vehicle for the rest of our products,” said BLR President Robert Brady.

Editorial Strategy

The website and email newsletter feature updates five days a week, with editorials sent on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and promotions sent on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“Mequoda essentially gave us the winning formula, which was to create a newsletter where 60 percent of it was editorial and 40 percent of it was marketing,” said HR Daily Advisor Managing Editor Jay Schleifer.

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The editorial strategy for HRDA is what Schleifer calls the “1-2 punch” sequence, where a human resources problem is posed on Monday and Wednesday, and the solutions to those problems are delivered via product offers on Tuesday and Thursday. Fridays are left for stand-alone editorials.

Last week, for example, an HRDA article cited several statistics that illustrated the need for managers to provide feedback to employees. The next day’s article discussed how a BLR product helps managers constructively provide employees feedback. The “1-2 punch” strategy is proving to be very successful, Schleifer said.

Website’s Offerings

HRDA sells an archive of products that BLR has been building for about 30 years. The products include loose-leaf publications, CD-ROMs, newsletters, videos, booklets and an extensive membership website loaded with white papers and reports.

HRDA’s website also features free special reports that visitors can download in exchange for a subscription to the free email newsletter. The site also has an archive of tips going back as far as HRDA’s launch in July 2006.

The HRDA site also provides links to BLR’s website, which offers both free and paid products. The free products include news, several white papers and small portions of most of its paid products, Brady said.

The success of HRDA has prompted BLR to change three of its websites devoted to other markets (safety, environmental and compensation) to be more like the Mequoda Hub, said Brady. We consider that a big endorsement of the Mequoda Internet marketing system.


That concludes our Mequoda Publisher of the Year Nominee profiles. We thank you for reading them and we hope you will vote on which nominee you think is best serving its audience. The winner will be announced at the Mequoda Summit on September 27th and in the Mequoda Daily.

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