An Introduction to Web Video Equipment

Discover how you can make high-quality videos without breaking the bank

One misconception online publishers and content marketers have when it comes to video equipment is the amount of money needed to begin shooting and editing videos.

In the past, video equipment was much more expensive than it is today. Of course, there still is incredibly high-tech video equipment on the market that costs tens of thousands of dollars. However, high-quality video can be created in much simpler, less-expensive ways nowadays.

Video content has spread rampantly in the last few years. Web video advertisements are used more often, billions of videos are viewed on YouTube daily and publishers putting content on tablet devices benefit from utilizing videos to increase engagement.

With all of these facts, it’s safe to say that video content will continue to be a viable way to engage, interact and build communities.

The cost of buying video equipment used to scare would-be producers. Nowadays, the price of video equipment has greatly decreased. The list below highlights some pieces of video equipment that can help you shoot high-quality videos without costing an arm and leg.

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Cost-effective equipment for shooting web videos

Patrick Hughes, Mequoda Group’s New Media Producer, and the featured speaker for our upcoming webinar Web Video 101 for Publishers compiled the list below.

As a professional video producer, Patrick knows his stuff, and is going to share his opinions on equipment during the 90-minute program. If you are new to producing videos, this webinar is for you, as Patrick will also discuss the types of videos to use, the strategies for creating and distributing them and how to get the most from your web video content.

Video equipment list

Video cameras: It still surprises me that handheld video cameras the size of an iPhone can be purchased for under $200. Better yet, these video cameras are capable of shooting in 1080p HD or 780p video formats.

Two suggestions Patrick gives are the Flip Cam and the Kodak Zi8.

Camcorders and cameras for shooting HD: Canon’s Vixia HF G10 and the Canon 5DMK2 are two options for producers who will be shooting a lot of video content. These products are much more expensive than the Flip or Zi8, but their capabilities are top of the line.

Editing: If you use a Mac, Final Cut is a great option for editing video content. If you are a PC user, Adobe Premiere is a great equivalent option. iMovie is another option for those new to editing and is offered for Macs.

Converting Video Files: For converting video files, Patrick refers to MPEG StreamClip as the “Swiss Army Knife for video producers”. It is also free, which makes any video producer happy.

Script Writing Software: Although not completely necessary, Celtx is a great option for writing scripts. Celtx is worth investing in if you are creating longer format video pieces and do not want to waste an excessive amount of time dictating the video’s script.

Patrick has a lot more video equipment accessories to share during the 90-minute Web Video 101 for Publishers webinar, which will air live tomorrow at 12:30 pm ET. Register now and learn how to start producing entertaining, educational and advertorial video content for your audience’s engagement.


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