Can Your Email Conversion Rate Be Higher?

Using floaters is just one (but very effective and powerful) way to increase the amount of website visitors  you convert into email subscribers

Your email conversion rate (ECR) has control over revenue and profitability for your online business. Do you ever wonder what your ECR is, or what other publishers are doing to get better results?

Your ECR is a simple ratio: The number of unique visitors that come to your website during a 30-day period, divided into the number of visitors who join your database by signing up to receive your free email newsletter during that same 30-day period.

If during a given month you have 100,000 unique visitors that arrive at your website (according to Google Analytics or a comparable measurement tool) and 1,000 of these unique visitors become new email subscribers (according to your email management program or service), your ECR is one-percent (1,000/100,000 = .01 or 1.0%).

Do you have some work to do in order to get your ECR higher?

Properly designed website architecture is supposed to make email conversion rate its number one priority. It places great focus on capturing the email addresses of casual visitors and compiling them into your database.

Is your website working as efficiently as possible? Our Mequoda System websites have an average email conversion rate of 5%. If you aren’t receiving an ECR of at least 5%, then some improvement can certainly be made to your approach.

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Suggestions for increasing your email conversion rate

Irresistible offers make it hard for visitors to not sign up. It all starts with your content. After reaching a point of satisfaction with your content, make an offer that is worth the exchange of an email address. At the most basic level, we recommend giving away a free special report in exchange for your user’s email address. One way to present your free report offer is via the use of floaters.

-Floaters – Floaters may look like pop-ups, but they aren’t. In fact, they are simply a layer of HTML code, and because of this, cannot be blocked or banned. Users may find floaters similar to magazine blow-in cards. However, floaters are almost cost-less, which gives them an advantage over magazine blow-in cards.

Website publishers we’ve talked with have reported a two to three times increase in conversion rates when floaters are used over pop-ups.

Be careful when using floaters as with any other type of promotional piece you use. Overuse of them can be annoying to website users, but thankfully their effectiveness in increasing email conversion rates is undeniable.

Using floaters will be helpful in increasing your email conversion rate. As a constantly evolving subject matter, increasing email conversion rates is always deserving of attention. Methods, like the topic itself, often evolve.

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