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I learned a lot from the SES Conference in New York City back in March. One of the most important things multiple speakers said was about the value of inbound links.

Especially now, after the Panda update, the user experience has become even more important to publishers.

Not to say the user experience hasn’t always been a focal point; it’s completely necessary to the retention of audience members. But now, organic listings appear to be affected by user experience and the amount of engagement that takes place.

How do you know if your users are enjoying their experience with your content? Some users may leave comments of your site or comment via social networks, expressing their satisfaction with your content.

Others, members of the writing community, may go a step further and link to your content on their own website. These links are of great value, show more credibility behind your content and help organic listings.

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Getting inbound links with SEO press releases

A press release is an essential component of every SEO campaign.

We start by writing a release that promotes the new freemium. The release is then optimized and submitted to press release distribution websites. Free sites are always utilized; paid sites are used when we are spreading the word on live events like the Mequoda Summit.

Targeting specific keywords in your SEO press release helps search engines to find the fresh content and index it. Engaging in this process has led to a lot of our releases being covered in Google’s news section.

In addition to promoting your freemiums, SEO press releases are great for encouraging inbound links, especially if the associated content is valuable.

SEO Press Release Guidelines

Our SEO Press Release Guidelines free report will help you:

-Write great titles for your press releases

-Focus on newsworthy information while tying it to a freemium

-SEO your entire press release

-Discover valuable paid and free press release distribution websites

-Create a press release for social media

-Prepare and execute an entire SEO press release campaign

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