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Edward Grinnan may be the world’s leading inspirational publisher

Edward Grinnan, Vice President of Guideposts

Edward Grinnan, Editor-in-Chief & Vice President of Guideposts

Edward Grinnan is the Vice President & Editor-in-Chief of Guideposts. His blog, “EdPosts“, is a quirky mix of thoughts about personal change, his life in and away from New York, life at Guideposts, spontaneous inspiring moments of joy and anything else he finds interesting.

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Mequoda – How many blogs are you currently writing for?

EG – Weekly for and I am an occasional blogger for the Washington Post.

Mequoda – Which CMS (i.e.: WordPress, Typo) are you using? What do you like about it?

EG – Drupal 5. It’s easy to use.

Mequoda – Are you blogging for your company as part of you job (i.e.: corporate) or is this a personal passion?

EG – Both.

Mequoda – Has your blog enhanced your professional reputation? How?

EG – It has helped me reach a broader audience, especially through the Washington Post.

Mequoda – How often do you post a new blog? Are you the only one posting on your blog?

EG – At least weekly. And yes, I am a solo blogger.

Mequoda – Who is your target audience?

EG – People seeking inspiration.

Mequoda – What are you doing to grow your audience and to create customer loyalty?

EG – Promoting the blog across all our platforms: in our newsletters, magazines, on the site itself, Facebook and Twitter. Mequoda – How are using social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) to promote your blog? Has that changed the way you blog?

EG – I post all blogs on Facebook, which has increased user engagement significantly.

Mequoda – What is your main source of revenue: ads, sponsorships, products sales, or donations?

EG – Ad revenue and e-commerce.

Mequoda – Approximately what percentage of your overall revenue comes from product sales vs. advertising/sponsorships or other sources?

EG – 80-20 e-commerce to advertising.

Mequoda – What is your main source of referrals?

EG – Google and Yahoo. statistics gathered from Compete, Yahoo Site Explorer and KeywordSpy statistics gathered from Compete, Yahoo Site Explorer and KeywordSpy

Mequoda – What key metrics do you monitor to analyze the health of your business?

EG – Uniques and page views; return visits; newsletter opens and click-throughs.

Mequoda – What changes have you seen in your market since you began blogging?

EG – More of an integration and exchange between magazines and websites.

Mequoda – Any interesting experience you’d like to share? Has the blog led to any other interesting projects?

EG – Fairly frequently when I travel I am recognized by my picture in the magazine. For the first time the other day I was recognized for my blog shot. That was a surprise!

Mequoda – What advice would you give a new blogger?

EG – Be honest…about yourself, most of all, and be personal. That’s what people want to know you.

Mequoda – What ways are you planning to expand over the next year?

EG – We are moving to a different blog template, which will feature a blogroll. This will connect us to other bloggers and widen our community reach.

Mequoda – Is there anything you’d like to share?

EG – The technology may have moved from cave paintings and beating drums to hand-held digital devices but the dynamic is still the same: people crave connection and information.

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Edward Grinnan, VP & Editor-in-Chief
Facebook: Guideposts
Twitter: @guideposts_com


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