Learn the Best White Hat SEO Techniques from the Pros

Three reasons why we are good at SEO

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, I talked about writing and titling blockbuster SEO articles.

This method of targeting relevant keyword phrases your audience searches for is a true white hat SEO technique because it involves researching questions being asked and providing informative, high-quality answers.

White hat SEO techniques are a staple for high-quality content producers and publishers…and thankfully for those of us who believe in white hat SEO as the moral high ground, both audience members and Google appreciate and reward white hat SEO.

On Google’s side, white hat SEO techniques are rewarded with better search rankings, which typically result in more website traffic. Due to this, audience members are able to find the best content more easily.

Keyword research is a continual process Mequoda takes very seriously. In fact, we are so serious about it, that we invented Google Visibility Reporting, which compiles a document, known as the GVR, that dictates how well your site ranks in Google on the terms you are tracking.

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Three reasons why we excel with SEO

All content marketing specialists know how to do their own keyword research as it relates to their job. At Mequoda Daily, we are no exception to this, plus we document the entire process. Our ability to maintain an active SEO program with the Mequoda Daily has allowed us to acheive 63% of our total website traffic on any given month through search engines.

When it comes to our workings with SEO, the three reasons why we have found success are: we do SEO research and SEO campaign management, we teach it and we coach others on making their SEO activities stronger.

The best part about our SEO knowledge is that we are constantly evolving our best practices with insight from our Gold Member network. As we maintain and monitor our active Gold Member Systems, we are able to monitor keyword reporting, SEO copywriting and SEO campaign management across multiple publications, both B2B and B2C.

If you want to learn the best white hat SEO techniques from Kim Mateus and myself, join us for our Search Engine Optimization 2011 Seminar on July 19th in New York City. This event will mark the first time we are doing a publically available workshop on SEO.

No one on the planet understands white hat SEO techniques better than we do, and we will be happy to share all we know about SEO best practices, including information from our research team, Gold Members and Mequoda alumnus.

If you want to know how to use SEO to generate more website traffic, come spend a day with us in New York City.


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