Mequoda Email Builder WordPress Plug-in

Make your WordPress content management system’s email process less time consuming

Plug-ins are designed to make tasks easier and more time efficient. The premium Mequoda Email Builder Plug-in does just that.

For every online publisher and online editor who has found it tedious to create a daily email newsletter, the Mequoda Email Builder is a technological blessing.

This premium plug-in, only offered to Mequoda Gold Members, has a user interface which allows the operator to build email newsletters for daily and weekly templates based on components that exist in WP, such as posts and ads.

The operators have the ability to define a subject line in this process. Once email components have been selected and defined, the WhatCounts email management system will grab the HTML and mail out the campaign.

What can be simpler than that? Proof how one responsibility of online editors can be automated.

If you have interest in obtaining this premium Mequoda WordPress Plug-in, contact Kim Mateus via email or by phone at 401-293-0401 to discuss Gold Member options.

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