What Online Editors Need to Know About Building Email Lists

Three quick tips for online editors who manage email marketing campaigns

As an online editor, your primary responsibility is to create reusable editorial content and then recycle it in numerous media. Your core job is to reuse, recycle and repurpose premium information product content as free email newsletters and website posts. If you’re a Mequoda System editor, your main goal is to build the largest possible opt-in list of subscribers who will buy lots of premium information products from your organization.

Because building your email newsletter subscriber file is fundamental to the operation of your Mequoda Online Publishing & Marketing System, we’ve compiled some general best practice recommendations that apply to establishing and executing an effective email contact strategy in our free Editorial Management Guidelines white paper. Let’s highlight a few:

1. Research and define the needs of your online audience.

Assumptions are only helpful as a starting point. You must know with certainty what your users are doing online and tailor the content of your email newsletter to address audience interests. You’re the content creator, so decide how you want to dish out that content to the people who have trusted you with their email address.

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2. Send an equal number of content-rich email newsletters and straight product promotions.

If you send out an equal number of (1) content-rich email newsletters and (2) straight product promotions versus sending only promotions, the length of time you’ll retain an active email name will almost double.

The average term of an email newsletter subscriber is 2.7 years when the ratio of valuable free content and promotional messages is 50/50, versus an average lifetime of 1.6 years for email names who were sent only promotional messages.

3. Align your editorial content with your promotional messages.

Congruity and alignment augur well for product sales. If your email newsletter’s topic today is about how to prune rose bushes, then your ideal text ad today would be for a book or other paid product about growing roses.

We have lots more guidelines for online editors in our Editorial Management Guidelines white paper.


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