3 Tips for Launching a Digital Magazine Publishing Business

If you’re starting a new digital magazine publishing business, consider these tips

Beginning any business can be daunting. Digital magazine publishing businesses are certainly no difference, although there are tips and strategies for launching your online business.

The following tips are offered to help while planning your online business launch.

Embrace SEO: If you are a digital publisher, you clearly have topics you are knowledgeable on. Researching your aligned keyword phrases and optimizing existing content will help you target specific online audience. For more information, this article from SEOmoz discusses SEO components for startups.

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Embrace long-form journalism: Short content appeals to some audience, but long-form journalism is being embraced online. This is the case because of social recommendations. Digital publishers need to embrace their legacy content and provide it in varied lengths. To learn more about the power of long-form journalism and social recommendations, check out this article from Ad Week.

Pay attention to metrics: Metrics will guide the growth of your business if you are paying close attention to them. Familiarize yourself with Google Analytics, and other tools they offer. This article from Media Post discusses DoubleClick metrics being used for digital publishers.

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