Prediction: Tablets Will Drive Mobile Ad Revenue

Digital magazine publishing success relies on advertising revenue

I could certainly believe that tablets will drive mobile advertising revenue once more tablets get in the hands of consumers. The design of the tablet makes interactive, media-rich advertising possible. But don’t just listen to my opinion, because I’m not the only one saying it.

The Yankee Group recently released a study that predicts by 2014 tablets will account for 53 percent of mobile advertising dollars. During this time, smartphones will account for 47 percent of mobile advertising dollars. By 2016, tablets’ share is expected to reach 60 percent.

Pertaining to tablets, there is a high level of engagement. The Yankee Group reports that 24 percent of users click on ads while using tablet apps. This engagement has led to additional purchases 29 percent of the time.

Tablet users already regard video highly, and they purchase apps more than smarphones users do (1.7 apps per month compared to 1.1 apps per month). And as MediaPost points out, 20 percent of apps being purchased are for banking and shopping – signs that users are comfortable with making purchases and interacting with sensitive information on their device.

Do you think digital magazine publishing success relies on generating revenue through tablet publishing? Do you think tablets will account for higher ad revenue due to the larger screens and media experience? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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