Content Marketing Trends

As we head into 2011, what will be important to content marketers?

In an industry that is constantly changing, it’s important to keep an eye out for new trends and developing strategies.

Content marketing is not a new practice for online publishers and Internet marketers familiar with our teachings, but content marketing is becoming more popular as the value of creating and sharing informative content is realized.

For instance, take the Meltwater Group’s Future of Content report (PDF). Within the first paragraph of this report, the author writes, “Content is the currency of marketing communications, and effectively creating and distributing compelling information online has never been more important for marketers.”

Especially now, when economic woes continue to loom, Internet marketers need a better way of informing consumers and creating relationships with them.

The value of content was discussed in the report further, as 78 percent of marketers believe good content is the key to success within their organization.

Regardless of this statistic, only 49 percent of those surveyed reported having a content strategy in place.

So online publishers and Internet marketers realize how important content is, but don’t have a strategy yet. In response to these numbers, here are a few tips for content marketing.

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Content Marketing tips for 2011

Content Marketing tip #1: Help your consumers in the buying process. There is still a lot of uncertainty behind the actions of consumers. However, there are products and services they are interested in. Use your content as resources for their buying process, and include additional contact information if they have further questions. Your content should be helping consumers research, make comparisons of similar products and influence their purchasing behavior.

Furthermore, if you have products that are incredibly good deals, make that known. We have a subscription product known as Mequoda PRO, which gives subscribers the ability to watch our entire catalogue of educational webinars on demand in addition to having live participation to all new webinars. An annual subscription to Mequoda PRO is $297 while participation in only one live webinar ranges from $147-$247.

Content Marketing tip #2: Enhance your online presence. In addition to your email marketing efforts, continuously enhance your online presence. You can do this simply by disseminating more content on the Internet via your blog, social media marketing and online press distribution. Work to rank in search engines on your most relevant terms and monitor the web for public relations purposes.

Adding more content online will also help build your audience and your email marketing list as long as your website is properly optimized with conversion architecture.

Content Marketing tip #3: Begin using better content. “Better content” can be considered in a number of ways. It can mean reaching your audience members through mediums they prefer, ie: video or audio over print.

It can also mean less confusion within your messages, better targeting to your audience members and more personalized communication.

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