Extensive Training Options Offered in Mequoda PRO

60+ hours of educational webinars await you on-demand

The education process has come a long way in a short time. Remember the days when going to a class or a library were the most popular ways to learn?

The Internet has changed that. And although school and libraries are still relevant, information seekers have more options.

Webinars, for instance, have developed into valuable tools, especially when they are offered at any time of the day or not. This way, people can receive the information when it best suites their schedule. This is perfect for professionals and entrepreneurs who are operating in limited time frames.

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Since we’ve been discussing functionality associated with social media software today, I wanted to remind you all of relevant webinars we offer on-demand in Mequoda Pro. The following webinars offer high-quality, actionable insight on social media:

Facebook for Publishers

Twitter for Editors

Twitter for Publishers

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