Find Success with Content Marketing

Discover 7 principles of content marketing that make up a successful content marketing strategy

In the Mequoda Daily yesterday, we discussed four reasons why content marketing efforts fail.

If you haven’t been experiencing the success you expect with your content marketing efforts, it’s worth your time to critically look at your body of work to determine if those four reasons apply to you.

As a recap, here are the four reasons that were discussed: frequency, the amount of content you have, poor content quality and not properly reaching your target audience.

These of course aren’t the only reasons why content marketing efforts fail. Not abiding by the seven principles of a highly successful content marketing strategy could be part of the reason as well.

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-Content Marketing Principle #1: Understand User Needs

-Content Marketing Principle #2: Use Many Platforms

-Content Marketing Principle #3: Leverage Organic Media

-Content Marketing Principle #4: Build User Relationships

-Content Marketing Principle #5: Maximize Customer Value

-Content Marketing Principle #6: Empower Your Organization

-Content Marketing Principle #7: Manage by Exception

Many online publishing companies have experienced this same content from Don, including Aspire, BLR, The Motley Fool, The Dark Intelligence Group Inc., Meredith, Rodale and the American Ceramics Society among others.

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