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How Can You Monetize Better as a Membership Website Publisher?

In our webcast series, we cover What is the Mequoda Method? and What is ACEM?, which tackles the topics of A, attracting new visitors to your membership website, C, capturing email addresses, and E, engaging that audience. M, monetize, is another crucial strategy in making money online as a publisher, which we focus on in this week’s webcast, Can Monetization (M) Be Improved?

In your membership publishing business, you have products lurking in your content that you haven’t discovered yet. From these new products to new marketing channels to the right website infrastructure, you’ll find out exactly what drives revenues for a variety of membership business models and begin to see how you can translate these strategies to make millions of your own when you watch How Can Monetization (M) Be Improved?

Monetizing is probably the most diverse of the Mequoda Method pillars because there are so many different ways to monetize. You have one or more subscription products, magazines, newsletters, advisory services, video training programs, libraries or database of information on a particular topic, recipes or projects. Subscribers ride with you in a very predictable way. You’re taking relatively small checks from a lot of people, typically tens or even hundreds of thousands, and it usually is the most profitable because of the continuity of that relationship – the average subscriber is probably going to stay with you between two and a half and three years.

The key to monetization is recognizing what you did in the legacy world, adapting that to digital world, and doing as good as you can with it while keeping an eye toward new areas of monetization that weren’t possible before.

On the sponsorship side of things, that world is also opening up a little bit. Our clients who are special interest publishers are seeing growing success with native advertising as they try to get themselves out of the messy type of programmatic advertising and into the school of thought where they say “Let’s find advertisers that are completely endemic to our audience and offer them programs that are more content-oriented.” And they’re seeing a lot of success with that.

Find out exactly what drives revenues for a variety of business models and begin to see how you can translate these strategies to make millions of your own.

Watch our most robust webcast yet: How Can Monetization (M) Be Improved?

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