Insights and Tips From SIPA Munich Speakers

SIPA Munich Spans Globe for Latest Ideas

It’s less than two months until the SIPA Munich 2011 Conference, April 6-8, in Munich, Germany. The Conference features an array of interesting speakers and topics, celebrating the international strands and insights of SIPA and the specialized publishing industry. Here are some highlights.

1. Annabel Koffman, group publisher, Fleet Street Publications South Africa, will be leading a session titled, The Trials and Tribulations of Marketing in a List Vacuum: South Africa: A Direct Marketing Case Study. In a “Money Morning” letter she wrote to her subscribers in November, Koffman used the heading, “Please do not forward this.” While probably something you can’t use that often, it gave added importance to the post. She reinforced it with this paragraph near the end: “Keep in mind, however, this deal is exclusively for current MoneyMorning subscribers. (Please DO NOT forward it to anyone else.) And it’s open for a limited time only.”

2. Rick Longenecker, president, The Armature Group, knows sales. His session, Integrating Telesales Across Your Marketing Channels, may be worth the price of admission by itself. Here are three of his concepts for success: 1) Work every day to serve others and help them achieve their dreams; 2) process is the key to sustainable growth, and people are the key to sustainable process; and 3) networking and connecting people brings great things to life and changes the world.

3. Alexander Trommen is the CEO of SmartRunner and Appsfactory in Germany. He will be leading an interactive roundtable called How Publishers are Building iPad and iPhone Applications. Check out an article by Trommen and co-author Bernd Zanetti titled 5 Theses for the App Potential. “The cost of creating the application and the bestselling potential through innovative features have to be in a good relationship: Jamie Oliver’s cooking app was produced for around 120,000 €, but has now taken more than 1.2 million €.”

4. “In my experience of SIPA events, there’s been nothing more valuable than cross-border networking. Sharing your best tactics and strategies with your international peers can transform your bottom line. Without doubt, that applies to BMI. In my view, Europeans and Americans still have a lot to learn from each other, and here’s a unique opportunity.”
—Richard Londesborough, managing director, Business Monitor International, UK; session title: Transforming a Print Media Company to an Online Multi-Media Powerhouse: A Case Study of Business Monitor International

5. Judging from his writing, don’t miss Alessandro Agostini, managing director, Bruce Clay Europe, Italy, and his session on SEO for Publishing Companies: 5 Best Practices from the U.S. One article he wrote last year talked about how many English terms have crept into the Italian language (773% in eight years). (Luckily, the food has stayed pure.)

6. Google AdWords: 2010 Review and Critique will be led by Patricia Sparacio, department head, VNR Verlag für die Deutsche Wirtschaft AG, Germany. This session is a case study from 2010 reviewing what one company did, how it worked and what lessons can be learned from working with the ever-changing Google algorithm.

7. The centralization of cloud-based content raises issues about how to monetize it, system relia¬bility, open vs. closed clouds and the potential for lock in (or lock out), all critical to the specialized information publisher. Michael Rosbach, director of sales, Scopevisio, Germany, will be leading this session, titled The Future: Beyond Content and Up Into the Cloud.

8. We can never get enough social networking advice. How to Make Social Media Work for Specialized Publishers features Dr. Frank Antwerpes, CEO, DocCheck, Germany. It appears they are doing some ground-breaking work: “We offer [our users] the opportunity to upload pictures and videos from surgical procedures along with comments, for example. Every doctor will not do this of course, but we do have physicians who post surgical videos.”

9. How to Manage a Multi-Media, Multi-Vertical Publishing Company During Times of Change will be led by Jarmo Rosenberg, managing director and publisher, Edita Publishing Oy, Finland. Focusing on the development of internal intellectual capital and success in gaining commitment from and recruiting key personnel, the publishing arm of Edita PLC, Edita Publishing Oy, managed to increase operating profit in 2010. Learn the management incentives that were used to accomplish this.

10. Helmut Graf, who will give a welcoming talk, is the CEO of VNR Verlag für die Deutsche Wirtschaft AG, Germany, one of the largest and most prestigious publishing firms in Europe. Any opportunity to hear from Helmut is one to be grabbed.

11. Andy McLaughlin, president of PaperClip Communications, is one of the main conference organizers and a wonderful moderator: “Attendees come from over 17 countries and share knowledge that’s action-oriented, ‘take-home’ and ‘dig-in’ info—it’s just really good, high-level content. SIPA Munich is the kind of meeting that every senior level publisher needs to attend.”



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