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Yes, I’m promising a lot. But I’ve delivered on these promises over and over – to hundreds of media brands I’ve helped, and to hundreds of publishers who have gone on to become stunningly successful.

Here’s another promise: Forget five years. If you’re already generating at least $1 million in subscription revenue, I guarantee that learning what we teach at the Intensive — and taking the steps that follow — will increase your annual subscription revenues by 20% within 24 months. If not, I’ll cheerfully refund the entire cost of your Intensive registration!

To give you an idea of the soundness of our method, here’s a list of the powerful sessions you’ll attend at the Intensive:

  • The Big 3 Subscription Marketing Business Models
  • Proven Ways to Build your Internet Audience, Revenue and Profits
  • Breakthrough Techniques for Generating More Subscription Revenue
  • Making Google Your Biggest Audience Development Partner
  • Marketing Techniques and Tests for Saving Time and Increasing Revenue 
  • The Four Key Metrics that Drive Audience and Revenue Growth

Unless you’re already a master of all these concepts, this is your chance to learn from the people who created the Mequoda Method, so you can achieve all your financial and professional goals.

Remember, you get all this by registering for a Mequoda Intensive:

  • The secrets used by superstar publishers that you can leverage to build your own booming business
  • The opportunity to learn from the industry experts who guide these superstars, so you fully understand every detail of the Mequoda Method
  • Networking opportunities that allow you to connect with your peers and your instructors in a one-on-one environment
  • Thousands of dollars’ worth of white papers and tools to help you implement what you’ve learned
  • A free 30-minute call with our team to find out how to best start improving your profitability and growing your business

Please don’t wait to download our program guide and register for the Intensive.


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