Is Content Marketing Right for You?

Learn how content marketing can be profitable for you

Print evolved to radio, radio to television, and now, television to the Internet. For many of these mediums, the marketing strategy really hasn’t changed much – until now.

Content marketing works to create a relationship by giving the user free content before money is ever exchanged. This content is typically found on different mediums, from articles and white papers to podcasts and video pieces.

In this process, content marketing shows consumers it’s value from the onset of the relationship. There is no surprise in what the consumer receives and this creates a positive connection.

Mequoda has long been interested in “content marketing” even before the phrase existed. The idea behind content marketing is based off the creation and sharing of free content. Yet, not all companies know how to create, compile, repurpose and share content, or have the time and manpower to create a viable content marketing strategy.

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Harnessing the Power of Free Content

Mequoda is a user-driven membership organization that derives 100-percent of its revenue from end users. Less than five-percent of our Basic Members upgraded to some form of premium membership and spent money with us. Our goal is to reach ten percent.

Other content publishers report premium participation as high as 20 to 25 percent and still others do fine at less than one percent. How publishers build their free base, and the many ways to monetize that base, are numerous and ever growing.

This pyramid graphically depicts the 4 levels of Mequoda users. The audience development process begins when you launch a periodical website and an email newsletter to engage potential readers, users and customers.

Mequoda Membership Pyramid

Mequoda Membership Pyramid

Basic Membership, which is free, has access to lots of free content; including email update options, the White Paper Library and the ability to comment on posts. It is the foundation of the pyramid and is the means by which you draw prospects into your customer base and build relationships. Then, level-by-level, you monetize those individuals by pushing them up the pyramid to premium content that is increasingly more valuable to them and certainly more profitable for you.


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