Mequoda System Habit #2: Build a Mequoda Media Pyramid

The Mequoda Media Pyramid is the core of the seven Mequoda System habits. Building a Mequoda Media Pyramid is an exercise through which you dig down and determine exactly how you’re going to run your company.

In a Mequoda media enterprise, the commonality is not the platform; rather, it is the expertise in, knowledge of and in-depth perspective about the subject at hand. And those capabilities can, and should, expand across several different kinds of media that are marketed to targeted, qualified prospects and distributed from a master production operation.

That is as true for publishers with one print newsletter and seeking additional revenue streams, as it is for publishers with many products—newsletters, magazines, websites, events, etc., and multiple revenue streams. The pyramid provides a method for organizing content to maximize profit.

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Whether as products, subscriptions, events, services or something else, the various media are marketed to increasingly specific audiences at progressively higher price levels that offer considerably more valuable margins to the publisher. That is the essence of the Mequoda Media Pyramid.


This article was written by Don Nicholas with the help of Jane E. Zarem. It is just one part in a series on the Mequoda System. See below for the rest of this series:

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