Seven Principles of Content Marketing in the Digital Age — Part 3

A Mequoda Content Marketing System is driven by earned, organic media.

Since the first time we organized these content marketing tenets (in 2003), the third principle has always been about search — making certain your website is visible to Google and the other search engines.

Today, we are more aware than ever of the importance of both search media and social media. Additionally, legacy media is a significant factor in organic leverage.

Before a publisher invests in pay-per-click, banner ads, or space ads, the goal should be to maximum visibility in search, social media and legacy media.

If you publish magazines or books, or produce TV programs or live events, you need to publicize your website to potential paying customers, produce a daily email newsletter, and give away free content online.

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Content marketing principle #3: Leverage Organic Media

The publisher’s website awareness process and email signup process should be built into all of the legacy media. You may attract more customers via search and social media, but the customers you make via premium legacy media are more likely to spend more, especially during the first 12 months when they are new additions to your database.

Any user who has bought your book or attended one of your live events is 7-10 times more likely to buy another of your paid information products vs. a user who only subscribes to your free email newsletter.

And a customer who has bought your book can search for the author online via Google or at Twitter – via legacy and social media. That’s why your publication must have a presence in both.

At its heart, the Mequoda System is driven by earned, organic media — search, social and legacy. These three sources can have synergy and tend to be interactive. Smart publishers know they must integrate all three.

In my next blog post we’ll discuss content marketing principle #4: User Relationships.


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