Stephanie Losee Keynote Covers Brand-Platform Dynamic

Stephanie Losee

Stephanie Losee

Stephanie Losee, managing editor at Dell Global Communications, delivered the keynote at the Content Marketing and Innovation Summit this week, and what she had to say might surprise you.

From Bill Mickey’s report in Folio::

“Brands want traditional media to thrive – brands need traditional media to thrive,” Losee said. “Brands don’t really want to go whole hog into becoming publishers. We don’t want to hire dozens of writers and editors to try to do what publishers do. Brands don’t want to play in the investigative journalism sandbox, but people accuse us of doing that all the time. We want to publish our own content, but we need to rely on publishers to help us do that.”

Losee also emphasized the need for editorial over advertorial, as well as the demand for “funky” ideas.

To read more about Stephanie Losee’s keynote at the Content Marketing and Innovation Summit, visit Folio:.

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